Come take a free tour of The Space studio! Tours are offered Monday to Friday and start at 4:10 EST. All tours must be booked in advance. No drop-ins are allowed. The tour does not include Gisele's Big Backyard.

The maximum number of people per tour is six people per tour, this includes adults. All kids must be accompanied by an adult. The TVOKids studio is not large enough to accommodate tours for schools or club groups.

Please have an adult call to make arrangements: 1-800-613-0513 x 2292.


Watch Melissa, Daniel and Mickeey read your birthdays on TV and on! Here's how:

  • Send in a home-made birthday card (no store bought ones). TVOKids can't show store bought cards on TV. Write the birthday person's name, age, address, birth date and a special message on the back of the card. A host will sign and send the card back to you!
  • TVOKids needs to receive your card by mail at least 2 weeks before the birthday. The TVOKids mail room closes down for summer vacation in July and winter holidays for part of December and January. Birthday cards for July need to be received by the June 15 and by December 1 for the winter holidays.
  • We don't accept cards via fax, email, drop-offs or birthday messages via the telephone.
  • Birthdays are read on-air everyday just before 6:55PM EST.
  • Birthday announcements will appear online on at by 6PM EST every Friday. They will encompass one weeks' worth of announcements.

Mail your birthday cards to:

TVOKids Attn: Birthdays Box 200, Station Q Toronto, Ontario M4T 2T1

Calling TVOKids

I never get picked to win a prize or talk on TV! We have kids all across Ontario and kids from other parts of Canada and the United States calling in to try to talk to a host or win a prize. We pick all our prize winners and on-air kids by random draw to keep it as fair as possible. Be patient and keep trying!

I get a "beep...beep" sound when I call. What does that mean? That sound means the phone line is busy. Hang up the phone and try calling us again at 1-888-TVO-KIDS (1-888-886-5437).

Mail Section

How come I never see my stuff on the Mail Section? We get a lot of mail and it is hard to show ALL the drawings and letters on TV. The TVOKids hosts LOVE getting your mail, so keep sending it in!

TV Stuff

Why does your schedule keep changing? What happened to that old show I liked? Sometimes we get new shows or cancel older ones. We also like to change the times when shows air. You can always find out what the current schedule is by visiting the Watch section of our website and clicking on the red View Schedule button in the top right corner.

Can I be a guest in The Space? If you think you have a super special and unique talent, you might have a chance to be a guest on TVOKids. Send us an email and let us know what you can do (play an instrument, dance, sing, etc.).


I am a grown-up. Where can I go for more information on TVOKids? Check out Teach Ontario. Be sure to also read our Privacy Policy to learn how the website is safe for kids.

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