6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
Ella and friends are all excited for a fun sleepover at the Museum until the lights go out and Frankie becomes convinced a real life dinosaur is on the loose!
6:15 AM
A rubber duck has been found on a beach... with Fico's name on it! Fico gasps, he lost it on a trip to Iceland last year! But how did Fico's duck travel so far? Curious, the Team fly off to recover the duck. Then they hear about more of his ducks turning up in far away places. Fico is excited, maybe someone somewhere has found 'Flapsy', his most beloved duck of all! The trail leads to an Oceanography Research Ship, where they learn that Fico's ducks have been helping scientists map and measure ocean currents! Hmm. Could those currents help the Team find Flapsy? --- When Oto builds a tunnel-boring machine, Doki suggests they try to find out if what his grandma used to say is true: can we really dig to China? The boys hop into the machine, and set off on a journey to drill right into the earth's crust, while the girls playfully race them to Beijing, China in the plane. Arriving early, the girls try making a giant fortune cookie - and accidentally trap Mundi inside one! Meanwhile, the boys' overconfidence gets them trapped too, deep inside the Earth, where it's far hotter than they ever expected.
6:37 AM
Opie's Home
When Opie goes with his dad to work, Opie learns that work can be fun when you do it with someone you love.
6:45 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit astronomer Jen at the observatory where they look at stars, then set up an experiment to show how the sun is actually a star that is closer to the Earth.
6:52 AM
Zerby Derby
Lily and Zack try to bring a big bundle of sticks back to the Construction Zerbies. But carrying that many sticks all at once turns out to be harder than expected.
6:59 AM
Odd Squad
When things in town are being covered in jam, Olympia and Otis must turn to Odd Todd for help.
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
Rubble dreams that the new wishing well has turned Mayor Goodway into a frog. The Paw Patrol has to find Mayor Frog, so she can be wished back into a human.
7:26 AM
Wilfred loves playing squash.
7:28 AM
Sara loves her kitten.
7:30 AM
Wild Kratts
Martin and Chris are trying to decide on their next wild cat adventure when they learn that Zach Varmitech has decided to ,catnap, a Black Jaguar to use as a symbol for his new spybots.
7:58 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bitz and Bob are helping famous artist La Purl move a very large rock across the beach, as she needs it for a mysterious work of art. They try rolling it, but it's too heavy. Expert rock movers Bevel, Zip and Pop arrive, but they can't move it either. Looking for things to help them, Bitz finds some logs to roll the rock, but Bevel stops to eat a banana and the rock rolls off out of control, causing the logs to go everywhere. But maybe floating the rock would work.
8:09 AM
You Can Do It Too
We're exploring what floats and what sinks to figure out how to stop a stone from sinking in the water. The children engineer a raft from wooden lolly sticks and find the perfect balance for their home made floating fruit juice holders.
8:13 AM
16 Hudson
When the 16 Hudson kids' costumes need accessories for the Kooky Costume Contest, Luc borrows them around the building, but forgets the most important thing of all - asking permission.
8:21 AM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo learns at school, but also from his parents and friends too. And he learns that sometimes you have to make lots of mistakes before you can learn something.
8:26 AM
Lejo has to move a very heavy box and he finds a very smart way to do it.
8:29 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Splash and friends are playing in their clubhouse when Jerome and the fusiliers show up, claiming that the ship is actually their clubhouse. The two groups must then figure out who can use the clubhouse once and for all.
8:41 AM
Space Racers
While trying to retrieve some papers that Dodo dropped under his desk, Vulture BONKS his head - which completely reboots his sour personality. Suddenly the school board chairman exudes love and joy! Rolling brightly around campus, he compliments one and all, assists cadets in need, joins Starling and her dollies for a tea party, sings and dances and generally tries to help everyone... leaving havoc in his wake. With Vulture's sunny new disposition reaching crisis levels, Crane, Dodo and the kids resolve to somehow restore the old, familiar sourpuss. They try everything they can to anger him, but nothing works - till they finally realize that Newton's Third Law (,For every action there is an equal and opposite R 9 reaction,) is the answer: BONKING Vulture's bottom with an Orb-O orb does the trick, restoring his disagreeable personality... much to everyone's relief.
8:54 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Aimee imagines what it would be like to be a nurse and working as part of a superhero team of doctors and nurses who help people who are injured or sick. keep people healthy. Aimee, and her super partner Squiggles, would be great at making her patience feel comfortable. She could work in an operating room helping Mrs. Clock keep ticking or make Mr. Giant feel brave after his vaccine! Even giants are sometimes afraid.
8:59 AM
Paw Patrol
Alex and Mr. Porter are delivering their super special pizza dough for the big pizza party on Jake's Mountain when the van spins out of control, breaks through the guard rail and hangs precariously on the end of the cliff! Ryder sends Skye in to harness Alex and Mr. Porter and lift them to safety. EMT Marshall makes sure everyone is ok while Chase's winch pulls the van back on the road. And once Everest clears the way the pups get together to create the best pizza ever! --- Skye is on her way to Jakes Mountain to meet up with Everest and Ace when a storm blows in and she crash lands in the snow. Her pup tag gets lost and a wing is broken, so Skye has to climb the rest of the way on foot. Both Ace and Chases drone look for Skye from above. They find her but can't reach her on the steep mountain! Ryder calls in Everest, ice or snow she's ready to go! Skye and her new little bunny buddy get a sled ride to the chalet for warm milk and dog biscuits.
9:23 AM
Skeeter, upset about his height, tries to find crazy ways to compensate for shortcomings.
9:35 AM
The dachshund doesn't get why its behind always has to pee.
9:39 AM
Rob the Robot
Rob and friends are reading about ancient Egypt, and decide to travel to the Pyramid Planet to learn more about Pharaohs and Mummies. When Rob decides to play a practical joke on his friends, he soon discovers it's not so funny being a mummy!
9:51 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave fly off to the jungle to pick bananas. It's clear someone in the jungle like bananas as much as Dave, as the bananas keep disappearing! Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave have to track down the banana-loving-cheeky friend Bobby the Monkey - and share their bananas.
10:03 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy's garden is invaded by sheep who've escaped from the farm, and Snuffy lends a paw in getting them rounded up again!
10:10 AM
Tee & Mo
After a super see-saw session with Tee at the park, Mo pauses to have a chat with her friend Heidi. However, this leaves no-one on the other end of Tee's see saw...
10:17 AM
Coco and Charlie are playing at Bing's house when Coco spots the measuring lines on the wall that show how Bing has grown. Flop measures Bing and he's bigger than the last time. When Bing can't reach his paper airplane Coco offers to measure him again to check if he's really grown but they don't quite get the measuring ritual right and the new mark is much lower than before. Bing gets scared that he's growing down and that if he keeps going he'll be as small as Charlie.
10:24 AM
Box Yourself Minis
Øistein makes a dinosaur from a milk carton and toilet paper rolls.
10:27 AM
Yeti Tales
Yetili reads the mice a Christmas story.
10:36 AM
A sandcastle-building competition is taking place at the beach. Everyone join in on the fun.
10:47 AM
It's Mrs. Zolli's birthday; Zou and Elzee decide they'd like to give her a present. But what?
10:59 AM
Opie's Home
When Opie hears his parents having fun without him, Opie is afraid to miss out in the moment and does whatever he can to make his parents stay with him.
11:06 AM
Two finds a pair of magic dancing shoes and shows One that everything is better with two, singing and counting things that belong in pairs. Learn all about the number 2 with Numberblock Two.
11:11 AM
Zerby Derby
Chase the helicopter shows Zack the muddiest place in Zerby Town Forest, a perfect place to have 'mudfest'! But when Zack gets stuck in the mud, Chase is unable to pull him out. They call Strut the crane but Zack ends up too far out in the mud for Strut to reach him. Only together can Chase and Strut get Strut's hook out to Zack so he can be towed out. --- Zack and Lily are exploring Zerby Town forest when they come across a rock that's a little too high to get up on. With Strut the crane busy, Fill the front loader comes by to help. Fill can lift Zack and Lily in his scoop to the top of the rock, but when he tries he finds out that Zerbies are heavier than a scoopful of dirt, and he can't keep his balance. At first, Lily balances on the back of Fill to weigh him down so he can lift Zack. But when Zack gets to the top of the rock and its Lily's turn to ride in the scoop, there's no one to balance on the back of Fill. Before long the Zerbies realize they can use a rock on Fill's back to help him keep his balance while he lifts Lily. --- Zack and Fran the Ferry are out for a ride around Zerby Town Lake on a very windy day. When the joy riding is over Fran tries to land at the docks. But it turns out, landing in the wind is difficult. When she approaches the first time, the wind blows her way off course, into the reeds at the side of the lake. She backs up and tries again, this time starting further to the side, she gets to the dock but blows past before Zack can get off and tie her up. The next time she comes in on an angle so she can stay still in the wind, but the angle is too hard for Zack to get off onto the dock. Finally, Zack realizes that they should use the wind to help them. Fran lines up with the dock in such a way that the wind blows her up against the dock instead of away from it. This allows Zack to get off and tie her up.
11:32 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit an ambulance depot where paramedic Michael-Jon shows them medical kit he uses in an ambulance. They also learn how a 911 call centre helps people during an emergency.
11:39 AM
Dino Dan
When Trek forgets to bring something for show and tell, he's in a mad dash to find something. When he spots a Psittacosaurus in the schoolyard he realizes one of its defensive tail quills would be perfect. But first, he's got to figure out how to get one!
11:51 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Being the newest member of Reeftown, Splash discovers the majority of things around him on the reef are actually living creatures. Some corals, some spongy things, some creatures he had no idea about, but no matter what their size, color or shape, he finds out that each have their own unique voice to be heard!
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
The pups are all excited to be a part of Adventure Bay's Sports Day... until Everest realizes that she can't show off her snowboarding skills in the summer! Ryder and the pups race into action to build her a snowboard half-pipe, complete with snow, but Daring Danny X's impatience sends the snow making machine on a tear around the stadium - covering everything! The pups slip and tumble through their summer sporting events, until Ryder and Everest decide that the new-and-improved snowy themed events are even more fun than the regular sports!
12:17 PM
Abby Hatcher
We flash back to the very first time Abby met Bozzly.
12:29 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 5 Facts about the Mayan Civilization 5- Water Tanks 4- Observatories 3- The Maya Calendar 2- Mayan Mathematics 1- Mayan Writing System
12:31 PM
Odd noises are coming from the Marsh's drains, and the Shutterbugs are sent underground to investigate. --- Flick's stressed when he learns his has to compete against two of his favourite bugs - Harvey and Opal!
12:55 PM
Olympia answers more questions sent in by viewers.
12:57 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 5 Samurai Facts 5- Educated Nobleman 4- Intricate Armour 3- Weapon Masters 2- Difficult Training 1- Bushido Code
1:00 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty enters the 'Tastiest Carrot Competition' at the Village Fair. Wanting prizes for themselves, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave try their luck at the games stalls - and win! When Hatty doesn't win, he shows them how you can be a good loser too.
1:11 PM
Mr. Moon
When the clouds can't get cold enough to give the earth the snow it needs, Mr Moon and Silva rush to Ganymede, Jupiter's moon, to collect ice crystals to feed the clouds and make them cool. Suddenly...snow!
1:24 PM
Bing is getting ready to go to Sula's house but he's all sneezy and hot so Flop decides that Bing needs to stay home and keep his germs to himself. Even though Bing is soon tucked up on the sofa with a hot honey lemon he's very disappointed that he can't play with Sula. But there's a tap at the window and it's Sula and Amma, bringing a carroty bagel to wish Bing a speedy recovery.
1:31 PM
I'm a Fish
The Oyster shows us how their shape forms and how they produce pearls from their slimey mother of pearl.
1:33 PM
Nanna is invited to an important function and buys herself a new, fancy, feathery hat. Meanwhile, Zou is trying to make a model airplane. His first couple attempts are not too successful: he really needs some feathers...
1:45 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Daddy can't make his special scrambled eggs because the egg delivery has gone missing. Miffy turns detective to track them down, following a trail of clues to the farm.
1:52 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a golf ball on a crazy golf course, Golf ball has always lived on the crazy golf course but he desperately wants to become a golf pro! Henry has a great idea and becomes a golfer and helps golf ball achieve his goal.
1:59 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Lily and Salty get lost on an unfamiliar stretch of river on the far side of Driftwood Bay. Strange noises in the undergrowth remind Salty of a frightening incident there when he was young. These noises, however, prove to be coming from a very friendly source!
2:06 PM
Rob the Robot
When Rob, TK and Orbit find they just don't have what it takes to catch speedy little Squeak, they decide to visit the Tune Up Planet to get upgrades that will increase their robotic abilities. Although Ema can't understand why they want to change themselves, the robots are adamant and end up with a super speedy wheel for TK, super new rocket boots for Rob and magnetic arms for Orbit. However they soon discover that having these new abilities only causes problems and that Ema was right - her robotic pals are just fine the way they were. They remove the upgrades and Ema shows them how to catch Squeak by luring him with a piece of cheese.
2:18 PM
Zerby Derby
It takes 10 scoops of dirt to fill up Rex's bucket. That's a long time. Fill decides having a scoop that can hold 10 scoops of dirt will get it done in one go. But a scoop that big is a bit heavy.
2:26 PM
Frankie and Frank
Can Frank do it? Can he delay eating his apple treat in order to get two?
2:29 PM
Hi Opie!
Opie and Rhys learn how difficult it is to care for the class hamster.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker shows how to paint a prickly picture, creates spongy cards using kitchen sponges and builds a brilliant bowl dinosaur using newspaper and an old plastic bowl. Guess the answer to the shape puzzle and watch 'The Mister Maker Kids' build a circus tent.
2:56 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave meet some fluttery new butterfly friends - and discover how caterpillars turn into butterflies!
3:07 PM
Space Racers
The cadets find an old book called Counter-Earth in Coot's workshop, and are astonished to read about ,Earth's identical twin planet on the other side of the Sun., Why has no one told them about this before?! Determined to be first to discover it, Eagle, Robyn and Hawk set off the next morning. Completing a broad arc around the Sun, AVA announces that they've arrived at their destination. But the more they explore, the more they realize they've landed on Mars. Perhaps they flew too far, AVA suggests. So they blast off to try again... and again... yet each time, the kids find themselves on a familiar planet. But their exhausting search pays off when they finally discover a planet that's just like Earth. Only problem is... it IS Earth. Huh?? Turns out, it's all been an April Fools joke by the teachers and AVA. Counter-Earth is science fiction, not science fact!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
Mr. Porter's drone delivery system goes berserk when he loses the remote control. --- When Mayor Goodway holds a grand opening for a new Ferris Wheel, Mayor Humdinger and his evil kittens have other ideas, managing to steal it from its stand and trying to roll it all the way to Foggy Bottom. When it insists on going the wrong way, it ends up cutting a wild path of destruction right through town. Plus, Mayor Humdinger is onboard and trying not to panic as it rolls in haphazard directions. When Marshall and Chase get stuck on the Wheel, too, it's up to Ryder and the rest of the Pups to try to stop its chaotic ride and get it back where it belongs.
3:44 PM
Ollie & Moon
When Ollie and Moon hide mistakes from each other, they only manage to make things harder and miss out on fun. But as soon as they decide to share their problems, they're able to help each other and have the trip of their lives.
3:56 PM
What's the Big Idea?
School is THE place where Hugo can learn all kind of things, like counting and drawing, but it's also a place where you meet all your friends. Be quiet Hugo! The teacher is speaking!
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
Olympia takes Otis out for lunch in an effort to prove she doesn't need to work all the time.
4:17 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog
The Brooklyn-Bells are looking after the kitten from Jess's veterinary practice and Gramps is messily baking a sweet potato doggy cake with Waffle. When Waffle checks on the kitten, it's nowhere to be seen, so the family eagerly look for it. They don't see the kitten disappear through the tunnel to Mrs Hobbs' house next door. When Mrs Hobbs meets the kitten, she falls in love with it, leaving her own cat, George, feeling a little put out. Back at the Brooklyn-Bells' house, Waffle has sniffed the kitten's scent and knows it's crawled through his tunnel to Mrs Hobbs'. Waffle even goes through the tunnel himself, to double check! The Brooklyn-Bells knock on Mrs Hobbs' front door to retrieve the kitten, but she denies seeing it. Eventually, Waffle bursts into her house and leads the Brooklyn-Bells straight to the kitten. Mrs Hobbs confesses she lied about its whereabouts. The kitten had brought back so many happy memories of George as a young cat that she didn't want the kitten to leave. Simon reminds Mrs Hobbs that it's important to tell the truth. The Brooklyn-Bells return home with the kitten and wait for its owner to arrive. When the doorbell rings, they are surprised to see Mrs Hobbs... masquerading as the kitten's owner, wearing a fake moustache and a man's hat! It seems she will do anything to keep the kitten. When the kitten's real owner arrives, he grants permission for Mrs Hobbs to cuddle the kitten one last time. Amidst all the drama, Waffle gobbles the remains of the cake, but the family forgive him. They laugh at Waffle's silly antics and love him all the more for his cheekiness.
4:30 PM
It's a race to the toy store after Arthur realizes he may have given away his chance at two million dollars! Who knew a defective swamp monster action figure could be so valuable? --- The new 18th hole at the mini golf course will be a tribute to musical instruments! No wait, an alien moon odyssey! No, a ride through the country! Unless Muffy, Buster, and Binky learn to comprise, they'll be stuck with another boring windmill...
4:57 PM
Big Top Academy
The Phenomenal Five try to up their game for a video submission, but Celeste struggles to master the bungee. Meanwhile, Sir Rayne's team deals with their own problems when April confronts Max about his sudden disappearances.
5:21 PM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts are on a mission to decode the secret language of one of the smartest creatures on Earth - Dolphins!
5:49 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Joy wants to make her friend, Rayann, who loves playing Tic Tac Toe, a portable game that she can always have with her. Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly help Joy make the "Tic Tac Tweet".
6:03 PM
Finding Stuff Out
The Big Question: "WHY DOES MY BODY MAKE SO MUCH NOISE?" Theme: We burp, fart, cough, sneeze and our stomachs grumble. And these are just the involuntary noises that are the by-product of bodily functions. Other bodily noises we make are within our control, and can be pretty impressive too!
6:30 PM
It's been one year since Anne, Nick and Shania first met and Shania wants to celebrate their Friendiversary. Before their party can start, Ada stops by with a gift for Anne: a 3D printer of her very own. At first Anne's grateful for this gift from her friend. However, after Pal gets infected with a virus by something Ada's 3D printer prints and tries to escape the junkyard, Anne learns that Ada's not a friend at all. Ada's an enemy.
6:53 PM
Space Trek
Star ship Commander Captain Kent explains the oldest know device for measuring time - the sundial.