6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
In trying to make her school newspaper more exciting, Ella borrows her dad's camera to take some photos. But when Tiki's monkey, Lola, 'borrows' the camera and goes on a wild adventure, it introduces Ella and her friends to a whole new kind of photography."
6:15 AM
After reading the Wizard of Oz, the gang wonders... could a tornado really pick up a house? To find out, they call up Mundi's friend Luke, who's a storm-chaser but when the call ends abruptly, Doki declares a rescue expedition! The Team flies to a weather station near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to make sure Luke is okay. Luckily he's fine - and with a storm brewing, the Team goes tornado spotting with him. Fico becomes a hero when he sounds a warning siren to alert a town to an oncoming twister - but he also learns respect for nature when his bike is mangled in the storm. --- Oto has a big tennis match coming up, but his smelly shoes are banned from the clubhouse. Their distinctive smell is stinking the whole place up! But why do Oto's lucky shoes smell exactly like stinky cheese? If they answer that question, maybe they can deodorize Oto's smelly shoes, AND the clubhouse! They head to a stinky cheese festival in Limburger, Belgium, to learn what makes things smell. While there, Oto's shoes go missing - and it takes Gabi's delicate nose to track them down before the big game.
6:37 AM
Opie's Home
When Opie gets a bug bite, he promises his Mom that he won't scratch, but when his bug bite begs him to scratch it Opie has to choose between satisfying his itch or breaking his promise.
6:44 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit rock expert Emily at a geology gallery to check out beautiful, sparkly rocks and learn the difference between rocks and minerals.
6:51 AM
Zerby Derby
Axle can't go off road as easily as Zack because his wheels are so small, so he gets bigger wheels - even bigger than Zack's. Then Zack gets bigger wheels. Then Axle gets even bigger wheels....
6:59 AM
Odd Squad
Odd Squad must go undercover to recover a stolen gadget. Curriculum: Fractions: partitioning simple shapes into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and eighths
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
A huge monkey follows the Paw Patrol home, because it wants Rocky to scratch its back.
7:26 AM
Nakai loves science experiments.
7:28 AM
Wild Kratts
While creature adventuring on the sand dunes, Martin and Chris discover a band of Wild Ponies. An excited Aviva and Koki rush over to meet their ,favorite creature,, but before they can get acquainted, a rogue wave hits the shore, separating a young foal from his mother. It's up to Martin and Chris to rescue the foal and reunite him with his mother.
7:56 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bitz has created a super strawberry, dreamy creamy, nicely icely, bake-a-licious cake, that is so tasty Bob suggests she makes more so she can sell them to the whole world. They all start cake making in the Jungle café, but with everyone trying to do the same job at the same time, the cakes end up looking very different. If Bitz wants to get her cakes looking the same and delivered to her customers on time, she needs to work out a proper system!
8:07 AM
You Can Do It Too
Join us as we try to decorate lots of identical butterfly cakes for the teddy bear's pic-nic. Without a system in place it's tricky, but with a little help from system engineering the children can decorate loads more delicious cakes!
8:11 AM
16 Hudson
Luc wants to be part of the Field Day track relay team, but his confidence in himself is tied to his 'super shoes'.
8:19 AM
What's the Big Idea?
Every kid becomes a grown up, even Hugo. One day, he'll have to find a job and he'll have his own house... maybe with his own family! But can grown-ups act like kids sometimes too?
8:24 AM
Splash and Bubbles
When Splash invites Ripple, Bubbles and Dunk on a Reeftown Rangers exploration adventure, the friends worry that Splash will find another home out there in the big ocean and move on from Reeftown.
8:37 AM
Space Racers
Captain Cosmos fever grips Stardust Space Academy, as filming of a live-action movie version of the show is announced. Even more thrilling, they're coming to Stardust Bay to shoot the movie - and they plan to cast a cadet as actor Peacock J. Thunderbird's sidekick, ,Buzzard Boy., All the Cosmos fans get competitive but it's Eagle who lands the coveted role! His ego soaring, Robyn and Hawk feel very relegated to the sidelines. When filming begins near an active volcano, Eagle quickly learns about stunt doubles... but Starling and Crow mistakenly assume he's capable of his (make-believe and carefully choreographed) on-screen feats. Eager to emulate Eagle, the pair gets stuck inside the volcano's dangerous ash plume. Needing Hawk's and Robyn's help to rescue them, Eagle learns about staying humble - and remembering who your friends are.
8:49 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Tasha wants to be a Fashion Designer. She imagines what it would be like to design her own party dresses and then create some for your friends. Tasha would have her own store and would even design and make clothes for pets!
8:54 AM
Paw Patrol
Ellie the baby elephant has escaped from the circus train! Ryder and the PAW Patrol need to find her! In the meantime Ellie's Mom goes looking for her. Now there are two Elephants loose in Adventure Bay! --- Mayor Goodway's purse chicken ,Chickaletta, has gone missing. Ryder and the Paw Patrol search adventure bay for the prized poulet and finally rescue Chickaletta and return her to the Mayor.
9:18 AM
Flick has to compete against his uber athletic nemesis, Blink, in the Marsh's equivalent of the Olympics.
9:31 AM
Rob the Robot
Rob and friends take a visit to the Egg Planet and get cracking on an egg hunt to help a frazzled bunny catch and sort out the missing eggs. This eggciting mission turns out to be more challenging than eggspected!
9:43 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave compete as 'Team Hilltop' against 'Team Jungle' in some fun sporting challenges. Dave throws well in the Banana-boomerang, Ruff-Ruff jumps high in the bamboo high jump and Tweet performs some fancy moves in the jungle gymnastics. But have they won enough points to beat their jungle friends? Or will victory rest on success in the final running relay?
9:54 AM
Bookaneers is a literacy series that teaches decoding and deciphering techniques for pronunciation and meaning. In this episode Skaggs and Fibber learn the sound made by the letters WR together.
9:57 AM
Let's Find Out
This is a math series supporting a greater understanding of financial literacy.In the high stakes game of Moneypolooza, Melissa and Shamus find out who is the champion in this money counting game.
10:02 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Uncle Pilot takes Miffy and her friends on an amazing airplane ride without leaving the front room! You can go anywhere with a little imagination - just look out for imaginary pirates!
10:09 AM
Tee & Mo
After a super see-saw session with Tee at the park, Mo pauses to have a chat with her friend Heidi. However, this leaves no-one on the other end of Tee's see saw...
10:16 AM
On the way to Padget's shop Bing and Flop stop to play with Arlo the cat. Bing loves Arlo and knows just where he likes to be stroked and what games he likes playing. On the way home, Bing spots a new cat but this one isn't so friendly and scares Bing when he tries to play with it.
10:24 AM
Frankie and Frank
After Frank finally gets the hang of the ABC's, he doesn't want to stop singing them!
10:28 AM
Yeti Tales
Nina and Leon are having a tea party on the mezzanine. Yetili comes along and joins them for a cup of tea before reading their story.
10:35 AM
When Zou spots an alien spaceship in the sky above the park, he can't wait to go and meet the aliens. But the alien ship turns out to be a hot air balloon.
10:47 AM
Zou wants to play with Elzee, but she's busy painting a shelf with her mother and can't play right away. Zou has to wait an hour. What's an hour? Grandpa shows him on an old alarm clock.
10:58 AM
Opie's Home
Opie learns the hard way the importance of keeping a tidy room when he and Isabella can't find Sniffy (Isabella's stuffed animal) in their preparation for 'Dress-up Day'.
11:07 AM
Zerby Derby
Everyone in Zerby Town decides to make an extra-long driveway. But with all the Zerbies' driveways extra-long, Main Street gets squished down to only one narrow lane. Zack and Axle try to figure out the problem. Zack thinks all the Zerbies should take turns driving in one direction - then the other. This works until they realize someone always needs to be there to direct traffic. Zack volunteers, but he realizes he can't spend all day directing traffic. They know shortening the driveways would make Main Street wider, but no one wants to shorten their new driveway. Axle realizes if they all move their garages back a bit, they can widen Main Street and still have long driveways. --- Chase is out exploring Zerby Town Forest when he comes across Bob the Boat and Piper the Float Plane watching a Lily pad, waiting to see a frog. Chase wants to wait with them but there's nowhere for him to land. He tries landing on the water, but he's doesn't float. He tries landing on the shore, but he's too far away. Then he tries landing on Bob, but Bob is too tippy for Chase to land on. Chase realizes he needs something light enough to fly with but something that will allow him to float. Once he finds some perfect sticks he can float as well as Flynn. --- Zack and Lily drive down to the beach near Zerby Town Lake for some fun playing in the soft sand. When they get there, Lily warns Zack not to stop, because he could get stuck. Zack forgets and gets stuck in the sand. Rocking back and forth only digs Zack in deeper. Lily tries to push him but she can't figure out a way to do it without stopping herself. Lily searches for answers and comes back with a piece of bark which she puts under Zack's wheels for traction. Zack gets out of the sand and they continue their adventures.
11:27 AM
Bamboo Love
Bamboo Love enjoys spending hours building a castle, and it is her pride and joy when on completion. When she finds she has only a wooden ball left Bamboo Love rolls it towards the structure toppling it to the ground so that she can enjoy building it all over again!
11:30 AM
Now You Know
In their make-believe lab, Dr. Howienstein and Babor create monster pancakes... until they spill the maple syrup, and wonder, "How is maple syrup made?" They visit syrup expert Adrian at the Kortright Centre for Conservation where they tap a maple tree, collect sap, and boil it into syrup in the sugar shack.
11:38 AM
Dino Dan
Trek visits Bobby and his father at Mr. Caparaz's work - a robotics laboratory. Trek spots a Dromaeosaurus guarding its nest outside. Trek sees one of the Dromy's eggs get stolen and enlists the help of multiple robots to return the egg to its nest!
11:49 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Splash and his friends meet Scoot, a young sea turtle who is riding the currents. As Reeftown Rangers, the group wants to help the mischievous turtle on his journey and see some new places along the way!
12:02 PM
Paw Patrol
A baby whale has beached itself in Adventure Bay and Ryder and PAW Patrol race to the rescue. With the help of the PAW Patrol the baby whale makes it to the water's edge and swims out to his Mom. Good job Paw Patrol!
12:14 PM
Abby Hatcher
Teeny Terry wants to surprise Lex by finishing everything on his to do list.
12:26 PM
Amy and Adam are social media experts. Using a scientific method they help their resident inventor, Eureka, turn his crazy ideas into trending products. In this episode they turn his towel belt idea into towel pants.
12:29 PM
Flick can't find a single bug in town, including Opal and Harvey! --- Opal is forced to overcome one of her biggest fears - barking beetles!
12:55 PM
The League of Super Citizens
This is a series about citizenship and making good choices. Liz works at a sporting goods store where she faces where he faces daily challenges. In this episode Liz has to decide between her work duties and a friend.
12:59 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty helps Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave recycle some of their old and unwanted items to make new and useful things their friends can enjoy. Packing up their Rollypod- trailers with unwanted bean sticks, an old scarf, a surfboard, some odd roller-skates and swimming flippers, a bag of balls and a kiddie's paddle-pool, they have fun working out which items can be used together in exciting new ways.
1:10 PM
Mr. Moon
When Taurus the Bull starts running in his sleep, Sunny organizes a massive search party so that Mr Moon can be there and help Taurus find his way home.
1:23 PM
Bing and Flop find a patchy of fluffy white dandelions in the park. After blowing the seeds off all but one of them, Bing decides to take the last one as a present to Sula. As they set off across the park Bing negotiates many windy, wobbly hazards to keep the dandelion safe only for Sula to scatter the seeds accidentally as she hugs Bing saying hello.
1:30 PM
Lejo tries to get an apple out of a tree. When he doesn't succeed, someone gives him a helping hand.
1:33 PM
Zou and Elzee play hide and seek with Grandpa. The two hide so well that they think Grandpa has given up looking for them.
1:44 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Daddy is planning a surprise party for Mummy's birthday. All Miffy has to do is keep her out of the way while they get everything ready - how hard can it be?
1:51 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry meets a friendly Gorilla. He's moved from the Jungle to the wildlife park for some peace and quiet but his next door neighbour, Tiger, is keeping him up all night. He's feeling a little under the weather so Henry becomes a Vet for the day to help him feel better.
1:57 PM
Animal Fun
fun facts about gorillas
1:59 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Scoutleader Salty is taking the Driftwood Buccaneers out on Delilah to earn their seal spotting badge. When a sudden heavy fog appears, the Bucaneers find themselves alone at sea without Salty to guide them though the mist. Some quick Buccaneer thinking and some friendly seals save the day!
2:06 PM
Rob the Robot
When Rob struggles to make a clay model of the Rocket, the crew offers to find him some assistance on the Scuplture Planet. Shortly after arrival, Rob inadvertently tips over a ball carrying statue, setting in motion the the biggest game of dodgeball the galaxy has ever seen!
2:20 PM
Zerby Derby
A rainy day in Zerby Town has Zack, Lily and Axle telling a story about dragons and knights. But when Rex joins, it takes him a while to learn that making up a story with others also means listening.
2:27 PM
Hi Opie!
Opie is thrilled to have Ms. Lin substitute for Ms. Doney, but questions whether he still has to follow Ms. Doney's rules in her absence.
2:35 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker makes a brilliant picture with cotton buds, shows how to make a hilarious pine cone pet and transforms tin foil into terrific treasure. Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's' build a brilliant picture that's out of this world.
2:54 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty takes Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave to a Flying Show to learn all about flying. But when their Parrot friends are too tired to fly in the show's closing display, they take their place as the star attraction in their fabulous flying Rollypods! Hatty gives them some flying lessons, and adding some cool aerial moves of their own, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave are soon flying high in the sky in a spectacular flying finale!
3:06 PM
Space Racers
When Starling is excluded from another space mission, she sings wistfully of longing ,to be part of the team, in that great big out there., As the older cadets blast off, their exhaust blows her back, spinning, clutching her doll Mr. Rocket Baby. Everything is a blur... until the haze clears and Starling finds herself in a colorfully wonky, fantastic Mars setting. Grateful that she mushed and squushed mean old Vulture, tiny Mini-Bots direct her to ,follow the Crimson Canal, to the Ruby Red City, where the great Wizard of Mars might help her return home. Along the way, she befriends Eagle, Robyn and Hawk, who also need help from the Wizard. Despite Vulture's vengeful but fruitless efforts to mush and squush them, the foursome reach the magical city... where they learn from the sage Wizard (Headmaster Crane) that they each ,had the answers all along,!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
Who you gonna call when a ghost knight is haunting your castle?? The Paw Patrol! When the spooked Earl of Barkingburg calls Ryder, the Paw Patrol jet to Barkingburg for a 'Mission Paw' to prove there's no such as ghosts and to discover what's really behind this spirited scare. But, while Ryder is ready to bust this royal "ghost", one of the pups isn't running on the double to save the day. Rubble's afraid of ghosts - and until they prove this one isn't real, he's going to steer clear of the castle in the Mission Cruiser. While Rubble keeps safe on the team vehicle, Ryder discovers who's really haunting the castle - it's Sweetie! She's trying to scare everyone out so she'll have the castle all to herself. She'll finally be Queen of the Castle! When Sweetie succeeds in clearing the castle of everyone but her and her ghost knight, Ryder calls on Rubble to board his Mini-Miner to break into the castle and save the day. But Rubble still thinks a specter has taken over the castle, not Sweetie. To save Barkingburg, Rubble will have to overcome his fear of things that go bump in the night! This is a 'Mission Paw'! --- When the greedy Mayor Humdinger steals a mask, from the Monkey Temple, he didn't expect it to magically make him think he's a monkey! Ryder and the pups, along with Carlos and Tracker, must chase Humdinger through the jungle, as he swings through the trees with Mandy the Monkey and her family! The pups have dealt with monkey business before, but this is plain Humd-iculous!
3:44 PM
Ollie & Moon
During a heatwave in Brooklyn, Moon wants to go to Greenland to find a nice cold igloo.
3:56 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo's growing taller all the time. Growing up can be good so you can do exciting things like fly an airplane! But with so many things to learn and discover, Hugo wonders if we ever stop growing up.
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
Delivery Debbie goes undercover to stop a group of villains.
4:17 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog
Simon has a terrible cold. He's not pleased that Waffle's woken him early, with loud singing. Simon lets out an enormous sneeze which literally catapults him straight back into bed for the day. Evie notices that, lately, Waffle is getting told off a lot. Jess agrees. She promises to start recognising Waffle's good behaviour, not just his mistakes. Furthermore, Jess decides they'll take Waffle on Evie's first visit to Sommersby School, so he can show off how good he is and stay out of Simon's way. On their walk to school, Jess and Evie bump into Connie Lester with her daughter, Ruby. Ruby is starting at Sommersby School too, in the year above Evie. Jess, Evie and Waffle are greeted at the school gates by Mr Metcalfe. He's looking after all the tied-up doggies while their owners go inside. Jess and Evie head in to the school building and Waffle quickly becomes bored. He decides to sing to occupy his time. As Waffle's singing gets louder, a crowd gathers, including Connie, Ruby and their dog, Jelly. Everyone's mesmerised by the singing, wonder dog! When Jess and Eve arrive home with Waffle, Simon's feeling no better. He's also received a phone call from Sommersby School's Headteacher, asking to speak with the owners of the singing dog! Waffle's in trouble again and Simon is adamant; Waffle won't be coming on their family camping trip this weekend. Waffle's upset, so Jess and Evie cheer him up with mimed singing. Unbeknown to them, Mrs Hobbs watches their odd behaviour which confirms for Mrs Hobbs that she's made the right decision; to put her house up for sale and leave Maple Close, with George, forever.
4:29 PM
Business is slow for Mr. and Mrs. Read, and Arthur is concerned. Can this "super saver" find ways to keep his family in the green? --- When D.W. saves Tommy and Timmy from a nasty fall, they decide to repay the favor...whether D.W. likes it or not.
4:57 PM
Big Top Academy
April comes up with a plan to get Nicholas and Phoenix to make amends, Max lies to Miss G to get extra time in the gym, and Celeste becomes jealous of Axel's friendship with Chase.
5:21 PM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts are on a mission to figure out the differences between African and Asian elephants. They soon discover that despite their differences, all elephants have lots in common. Like feelings, emotions and real intelligence.
5:49 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Myka's busy mom, Sadhana, is a teacher that doesn't have much free time. Myka wants to make something to help her mom relax and enjoy her favourite pastime: Birdwatching. Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Maria & Myka team up to make the "Feathered Friend Feeder".
6:02 PM
Finding Stuff Out
The Big Question: WHY DO SOME ANIMALS MIGRATE AND SOME DON'T? Theme: Some animals migrate because they have to find food or warmth. Some animals don't migrate because they've evolved over time to adapt to where they live. And other animals just sleep the whole winter away!
6:29 PM
Anne is working out the kinks in "new-born" Pal's construction while Nick, Shania and the androids play Hide and Seek. But when Nick, accidentally activates a security program that makes Hand, Eyes and Pal go into super-hiding mode, the kids have to find the missing androids before Pal's circuits overload.