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Showing Care and Love

March’s theme is Helping! Offer to pitch in to help the planet with earth-themed acts of kindness like recycling, doing a playground clean-up, planting a tree or walking instead of driving.

Contest Rules

Acts of Kindness

  • I whent to a cenyer centre i mad a frend her name is lucie shes 100 yers old i help her all the times

    - Selina

  • I way to be kind to yourself is that you should have alone time like write in your journal or play an instrament

    - Martha

  • I show kindness when girl name Ashley had a problem with her friends so I became her partner and became friends and now were friends but BFF

    - Mariam

  • I take care of my cousin, Aiden after school. I get tired but it helps my grandparent a lot.

    - Mason

  • I helped my mom with the laundry room and I helped her organize her dinner 🍴 she was very proud to see me do the laundry and dinner

    - Thomas

  • My kindness is that I help my sister who is 2 years old. It's important because if she gets hurt or falls down I help her up.

    - Kavyesh

  • I wrote a thank you note to my friend because he helps me a lot and i want to appreciate it so i made i beautiful ''thank you'' note to her.

    - Shumaysah

  • I share toys with my friend Paige.

    - Lena



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