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Being Kind To Yourself

January's theme is Being Kind to Yourself! Try treating yourself like you’d treat a good friend. Take a moment to remind yourself of all your good qualities, do your best to eat healthy food and get enough sleep or forgive yourself for things from the past that you’re not proud of. Make time to reflect and recognize that you’re special and you deserve kindness too!

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Acts of Kindness

  • If I did not bring my homework I will tell the teacher and say I will bring it at lunch because I go home for lunch.

    - Jarshana

  • I helped my sisters do some of there chores and at school the whole class helps clean up the classroom so its easy for the custodians to clean up.

    - Hania, 9

  • I'm responsible when I do my chores on time when my mom and dad ask me too. - Amena

  • My act of responsibility is that I babysit, take care of my hamster, and collect attendance from all the classrooms.

    - Justin, 9

  • I helped my mom with the laundry room and I helped her organize her dinner 🍴 she was very proud to see me do the laundry and dinner

    - Thomas

  • My kindness is that I help my sister who is 2 years old. It's important because if she gets hurt or falls down I help her up.

    - Kavyesh

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