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TJ tells Becky all about his new friend Victor, she has a sneaking suspicion that he's related to someone... / Becky has a hard time putting the importance of art into words.

6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
The 100th day of the school year is coming and Mrs. Briggs has asked all of the children to gather 100 of their favorite things to celebrate the day. Everyone knows exactly what they're going to bring...except Ella. She can't seem to come up with something meaningful. She tries rocks, then seashells, and leaves. Finally, when the big day arrives Ella's projects gets blown away and she has to scramble to get it back and somehow create an even more meaningful collection.
6:15 AM
Hi Opie!
Opie is worried that anything he can do, Porter can do better.
6:23 AM
Zerby Derby
Axle is very proud of the big circle race track he and the other racing Zerbies have constructed. But when it looks like rain they go to Mika the Mechanic to help them come up with a way to cover their course. Mika covers the course with a large canvas, but there's no room for the racers to race underneath. They try putting up a big stick in the middle, and that helps a bit, but there is still a lot of canvas covering the course. But when Mika pulls on the edge of the canvas to find out what Zack and Axle are talking about - they all realize that pulling the edges will make a perfect tent. Once they've pulled it and tied it down there's lots of room underneath for racing, rain or shine.
6:30 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit train operator Joe at the yard, where they learn about how subway rails use electricity to move the subway cars. Then they take a subway ride!
6:39 AM
Doki is learning to juggle, and it isn't as easy as it looks. But when Oto reveals new rocket-boosters for the plane, it gives Doki a unique opportunity to find out - could he juggle, in space? Team Doki blasts off to the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION, where an astronaut named Valentina teaches them how objects behave in a low-gravity environment. As it turns out, juggling is even harder in in space - but when Doki's juggling eggs wreak havoc in the station, he uses what he's learned to set things right. --- Fico needs more rubber bands to expand his rubber band ball. Maybe he could make some, but where does rubber come from? On a tip, the Team flies off to the BRAZILIAN RAINFOREST, expecting to pluck rubber bands from the branches of rubber trees! Instead, they meet Francisco, who shows them how rubber tree sap is processed. Fico uses rubber bands to expand his ball to a dangerous size... and it bounces out of control! Fortunately, Oto and Mundi discover another great use for rubber - they create a giant slingshot, to launch the plane to safety.
7:01 AM
Odd Squad
In this two-part episode, agents struggle with a case while Oscar interviews candidates to run the Odd Squad Creature Room.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
Who you gonna call when a ghost knight is haunting your castle?? The Paw Patrol! When the spooked Earl of Barkingburg calls Ryder, the Paw Patrol jet to Barkingburg for a 'Mission Paw' to prove there's no such as ghosts and to discover what's really behind this spirited scare. But, while Ryder is ready to bust this royal "ghost", one of the pups isn't running on the double to save the day. Rubble's afraid of ghosts - and until they prove this one isn't real, he's going to steer clear of the castle in the Mission Cruiser. While Rubble keeps safe on the team vehicle, Ryder discovers who's really haunting the castle - it's Sweetie! She's trying to scare everyone out so she'll have the castle all to herself. She'll finally be Queen of the Castle! When Sweetie succeeds in clearing the castle of everyone but her and her ghost knight, Ryder calls on Rubble to board his Mini-Miner to break into the castle and save the day. But Rubble still thinks a specter has taken over the castle, not Sweetie. To save Barkingburg, Rubble will have to overcome his fear of things that go bump in the night! This is a 'Mission Paw'!
7:30 AM
Wild Kratts
When the Wild Kratts team embarks on a pirate adventure in the Indian Ocean, they discover a very strange, other - worldly castaway. Science Concept: Niche. A niche is an 'opportunity' in nature.
7:56 AM
When the local comic book store changes hands, the new darker and scarier comics are right up Fern's alley. But Arthur can't seem to stomach them. Is it okay to be afraid? --- Arthur and Francine enters their pets to compete against each other in the "Perfect Pet" video contest. Pal is SO cute and Nemo has so many tricks! Who will win? After jumping through hoops, Nemo and Pal decide enough is enough. Can't their owners love them for who they are?
8:22 AM
Raven's Quest
Malakai is an 11-year-old Mi'kmaq boy living in Membertou, in Nova Scotia. He's a huge basketball fan and demonstrates some of his moves on the court. Malakai takes us to his aunt's Indian taco food truck, shows us his traditional regalia and explains why traditional dancing is an important part of his life.
8:29 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Dunk discovers that what he considers "just playing with sand" is actually considered beautiful art by his friends, and he is proud of himself for having a special talent. --- Ripple leads the gang to investigate the legend of the Sea Dragon that has been passed down in her family. When they discover what Sea Dragons actually are, they learn that just because they haven't seen something before doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
8:56 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Ellery imagines what it would be like to be an architect. He designs and builds really tall buildings with slides to slide down in. Wee! Ellery gets to design two castles with a bridge linking them for a King and Rock Star. And even a tower for the Dragon to rock out in! Cool!
9:01 AM
Paw Patrol
When Carlos finds ancient relics among temple ruins, he asks for the Paw Patrol's help to bring them to the museum. But before they arrive, Mandy the monkey makes off with a gold crown! Carlos tries to stop her but he falls in a deep, dark pit. Fortunately, a big-eared pup named Tracker is around to help! For his heroic actions, Tracker is made an honorary member of the Paw Patrol. Ryder and the pups finally retrieve the crown from Mandy, only to have it stolen again by a mysterious gang of thieves. They follow the thieves into the temple, where they're separated and encounter a wild array of booby traps. It's up to the Paw Patrol to find their way out, solve the mystery of the temple, and learn the surprising identity of the long lost monkey queen!
9:25 AM
Professor Gimbal is tired and frustrated. He can't figure out how to finish his latest invention. To make matters worse, his old inventions are going missing. The Pod Squad volunteer to figure out what happened to the missing items and become ...The Detective Squad! They soon discover Professor Gimbal has been stealing- in his sleep!
9:37 AM
Rob the Robot
Eager to meet a gallant, well mannered knight, in shining armour, the crew take a trip to the Medieval Planet. Only problem is, the knight they meet has no manners at all!
9:49 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave compete as 'Team Hilltop' against 'Team Jungle' in some fun sporting challenges. Dave throws well in the Banana-boomerang, Ruff-Ruff jumps high in the bamboo high jump and Tweet performs some fancy moves in the jungle gymnastics. But have they won enough points to beat their jungle friends? Or will victory rest on success in the final running relay?
10:01 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Poppy takes Miffy and Grunty on a nature hunt but when she 'finds' the prickly bush, she loses their map to the wind. Will they be able to find their way back home in time for tea?
10:08 AM
Tee & Mo
Mo is excited about her new bed and can't wait to try it out. However, she's not the only one...
10:15 AM
GBB: Sandy Math: Numbers
Pirate Gisele digs in the sand and finds buried treasure, which she must divide amongst her helpers. This corresponds to the mathematics expectations for grouping, as part of the Ontario Early Learning Framework and in the all-day Kindergarten program. Pirate Gisele must group her treasure into two piles.
10:18 AM
Bing and Sula discover a new toy at Amma's, a talking ride on car. It seems like fun until Talkie Taxi keeps saying the same thing over and over again. When the taxi crashes and is finally silenced Bing and Sula use their imagination to play a game they really want to play without being dictated to by the noisy taxi.
10:25 AM
When Zou accidentally knocks a pile of apples over in Mr. Zoey's shop, his attempts to rescue them remind Mr. Zoey of the antics of a clown. Zou decides he'd like to be a clown and make people laugh. With Grandpa's help, he makes a red nose - and soon finds someone who needs cheering up. His first attempts are not too promising, but when Grandpa joins him in a clowning routine, complete with funny props, Elzee is soon returned to her usual happy self.
10:38 AM
Zou and Elzee are playing a video game together when there is a power failure. At first Zou is not happy with this but he eventually comes up with the idea of doing things that don't require electricity. They help Mum with the dusting, Grandpa with some seed planting and even play some music for Nanna now that her radio isn't working. When the electricity eventually comes on again, Zou and Elzee find they've had so much fun, they wish the power outage could have lasted a little bit longer.
10:49 AM
Opie's Home
Opie is determined to have the perfect eco-friendly family, but his "Eco-Alerts" go too far, and Opie has to learn the hard way that nobody is perfect.
10:57 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack, Lily and Rex are racing back to Zerby Town when Rex gets stuck under a fallen tree. Zack and Lily try to push him out but he's truly stuck. Zack tries to pull while Lily pushes, but still no luck. They think that digging down would work, until they realize Rex is on rock, not dirt. Finally they realize that if Rex takes some air out of his tires, he will lower down enough to get out from under the log. --- Chase the helicopter is having a hard time taking off from his landing pad on a very windy day on Zerby Town Ridge. Zack comes by and tries to help. They spot which way the wind is coming from by using leaves, but the wind changes direction when Chase rises into the air. They call Mika the Mechanic and she brings a leaf tail - a few leaves tied on a string - to help them see which way the wind is blowing. But the leaf tail needs to be at the right spot to help them see the wind. On the ground doesn't work, neither does the spot on the trunk of a tree. They find it works best when it's high-up and in the open. --- Zack and Rex try to cross a mud pit on a log. But the log is wet from the rain and is too slippery for them to get across without falling in the mud. They try going slow, but that doesn't work. Rex tries dropping sand on the log, but the sand he drops when he drives forward doesn't get under his wheels and he falls off. When he tries dropping the sand by going backwards, he can't see where he's going and ends up in the mud again. When they go off looking for answers, Zack discovers that a second log placed against the first keeps them from falling off, no matter how slippery both logs are. With Strut's help they place a log alongside the first and it keeps them from sliding sideways.
11:17 AM
Lejo waters a tree and when it starts to rain, the tree gives Lejo a helping hand.
11:20 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit animal expert Matt at a zoo and get up close and personal with a skunk, where they learn how skunks protect themselves from predators.
11:27 AM
GBB: Sticks' Feelings
In these segments which deal with aspects of young children's social and emotional development, our squirrel character Sticks experiences an emotion and with the help of Gisele, learns to deal with what he is feeling in a way appropriate to preschoolers. In this episode, Sticks learns how to deal with a tantrum.
11:31 AM
Doggy Day School
Vlad, the stunt dog returns to the daycare and is greeted by the others with delight. They all show him the tricks they've been practising - except for Koda. When it's music time, Vlad says he has a sore throat and singing hurts him. Vlad finally admits that he is really fine - he just didn't want to sing because he isn't very good at singing - and they all sing so well. Koda admits that he didn't want to show Vlad a trick because he isn't' very good at it. They both learn you don't' have to be the best at everything you do. It's okay just to enjoy doing something, even if you're not great at it
11:42 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Salty is worried about a heavy snowstorm coming towards Driftwood Bay. He and Lily gather the sheep into the warm sheep shed, however one stray sheep leads them deep into the snowstorm... to something special.
11:49 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Splash and his friends end their journey, returning home to Reeftown, where they are delighted to see that Splash now knows that although there are fun adventures to be found all over their "One Big Ocean," Reeftown is home to him.
12:04 PM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway challenges Mayor Humdinger's Basketball team to a game. The only thing Mayor Goodway is missing though is a...Basketball team! She calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol for help, and Ryder thinks the pups would make a great team! The pups become the Adventure Bay All-Stars and they'll need everyone, including a reluctant Marshall, to pitch in and help win one for Mayor Goodway and the town. Nothing but net!
12:16 PM
Boomer is looking forward to 'Floogalling' but the food has been replaced by shiney metal shiny parcels. When they unravel a tube of aluminum foil, they think that Flo's been turned to metal too! While trying to rescue her, the Floogals work out that foil can bend, tear and that it's covering the food! Just keeping fresh and ... ready to taste! Mmmm cherry pie!
12:28 PM
It's time for the Doozer Creek hot air balloon race and the Pod Squad is ready! Flex has suped up the Podmobile blimp, but it goes way too fast and they soon veer off course! Using what they have around them, the Pod Squad learn to be resourceful and even help Professor Gimbal out of his own racing conundrum.
12:40 PM
Something's wrong in Doozer Creek. First Baker Timber Bolt gets a case of the hiccups, and then doozers all over start hiccuping! The Pod Squad soon discover that a bunch of jumping beans has fallen into Baker Timber Bolt's latest batch of Zesty Radish Cakes. After trying a few silly methods to get rid of the hiccups, the team remembers that a good scare is a surefire way to solve this problem. The Pod Squad work together to build a super fun, (and scary!) doozercoaster!
12:52 PM
Bookaneers is a literacy series that teaches decoding and deciphering techniques for pronunciation and meaning. In this episode Skaggs and Fibber mistake the word DIGIT for DIG IT.
12:55 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty helps Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave recycle some of their old and unwanted items to make new and useful things their friends can enjoy. Packing up their Rollypod- trailers with unwanted bean sticks, an old scarf, a surfboard, some odd roller-skates and swimming flippers, a bag of balls and a kiddie's paddle-pool, they have fun working out which items can be used together in exciting new ways.
1:07 PM
Mr. Moon
When Mr Moon and Stella see McCloud skating on the clouds, they decide that they want to have a go. Gold Star makes them some skates and they travel to the icy surface of Ganymede. After a lot of trial and error, they have a marvelous time.
1:19 PM
It's a windy day and Bing wants to fly his Hoppity Voosh kite with Flop. And he wants to do it all by himself. Even when Pando arrives and wants to help Bing insists on doing it his way. When the kite gets caught up in the park bench Bing realises that there are some times when another pair of hands comes in handy.
1:26 PM
Can You Imagine That!
Skye imagines what it would be like to be a school bus driver and get the kids on her bus route to school safely and on time. She would be the most fun bus driver, singing and telling the kids on her bus jokes. The kids would even help Skye wash the school bus. Her school bus would give the kids the funniest, bumpiest, and fastest, ride ever. The best part of being a school bus driver is taking the kids out on a field trip...under the ocean to visit a school of fish. Beep beep!
1:32 PM
Zou accidentally breaks Zak's toy car. Zou doesn't have the nerve to tell him about the broken toy. The guilt gets the better of him and he explains what has happened to his Grandpa. They pay a visit to Mr Zoey's shop, where Zou confesses. But Zak doesn't mind - in fact he suggests that Zou keep the car; his dad has bought him a brand new remote controlled car as a reward for helping to tidy the shop.
1:43 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
When Dan's new toy goes missing, Miffy helps him hunt for it. Grunty 'just happens' to have found an incredibly similar toy... She doesn't want to accept that it's Dan's, it MIGHT be a different one! It's up to Miffy to persuade her to do the right thing.
1:50 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry Meets a pair of running shoes in a sports shop. Running shoes are a bit sad as they've never actually run a race or left the shop. Henry saves the day by becoming an athlete and competes against running shoes!
1:56 PM
GBB: Brush Up Bunch
Gisele's Big Backyard tackles the topic of dental health for preschoolers in a series entitled, "The Brush Up Bunch". Created in consultation with the Ontario Dental Association, "The Brush Up Bunch" is a series of fun and educational Segments set in the Wild West. These segments star GBBY's Melvin as "Pearly White", a cavity fighting cowskunk who uses his dental floss lasso to persuade brush punk "Cavity Jane" that brushing and flossing is the way to dental bliss. In this episode, Cavity Jane learns that sugar can cause cavities in her teeth.
1:59 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
It's a sleepy day on Driftwood Bay and Lily decides to make some music with a small xylophone she finds on the beach. She doesn't realize how contagious her music is and starts the biggest hoedown the island has ever seen!
2:06 PM
Rob the Robot
Ema's heart is broken when she discovers she's missed the ballet! Her friends decide to help out, succeeding not only in putting on a great show on the Ballet Planet, but in discovering ballet is fun for everyone!
2:18 PM
GBB: Music in Me
Gisele explores how different types of music make her feel. In this episode she explains rhythm and short and long notes.
2:21 PM
Zerby Derby
Lily and Zack are driving along in the early morning when they find Bob the Boat beached up on the shore. Bob tells them that it was so dark last night that he couldn't find his boat house. With the help of Mika the Mechanic they place a lighthouse on Zerby Town Pier so he can see his way at night. But when they come to test it out they find where you put light is very important. They aim it at the shore, but all Bob can see is the bush it's hitting. They try again, this time aiming the light right at Bob, which doesn't help either. They find that the lighthouse works perfect if it's aiming right at Bob's boathouse.
2:29 PM
Hi Opie!
Opie is presented with so many fun things to do, that he can't decide what to do first.
2:36 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker, Tocky and Scrappz head off for more creative adventures around the world. In South Africa we find out whether he can make some colourful creepy crawlies in under a minute. In the UK, discover how to make an incredible igloo with a secret surprise, and in the Far East a Mini Maker helps create an eye-catching ribbon picture... in the middle of Hong Kong!
2:56 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty takes Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave to a Flying Show to learn all about flying. But when their Parrot friends are too tired to fly in the show's closing display, they take their place as the star attraction in their fabulous flying Rollypods! Hatty gives them some flying lessons, and adding some cool aerial moves of their own, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave are soon flying high in the sky in a spectacular flying finale!
3:07 PM
The Floogals find a pencil, our three adventurers accidentally erase part of Dad Hooman's drawing with the rubber part of the pencil. Now they must redraw what they've wiped away before he notices.
3:21 PM
Paw Patrol
Everest and Jake try to rescue a little penguin and wind up floating out to sea on a homemade bridge. --- Katie's kittens are all covered in mud and running amuck. If they're not rounded up the Cat Show will be ruined.
3:45 PM
Space Racers
While Hawk searches for them during a game of Hide & Seek, Starling and Dinky hide inside a box - which turns out to be a crate that's sealed and shipped into space by warehouse robots. The clueless pair has no idea what's going on, but play tic-tac-toe inside the crate to pass the time. Eventually growing restless, they try everything they can to escape from the box... and once they finally succeed, discover that they're now inside a giant warehouse on Mars. Luckily, Russian rocket scientist Trogon happens to be working there at the time. He helps them contact Stardust Bay, and looks after them until Hawk arrives to escort the tiny pair back to Earth... but not before Dinky playfully hides himself one more time - amid the thousands of crates and boxes in the Martian warehouse!
3:58 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo explores things that are 'beautiful', from flowers and rainbow to his cool new bike. But he learns that beautiful can be all kinds of things, even Mr. Yeti and Mrs. Yeti!
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
It's party time for all the new agents at Odd Squad. Curriculum: Temperature: Using a thermometer; Associating different climates/seasons with degrees --- Delivery Doug needs help with an egg situation. Curriculum: Partitioning (early division); Multiplication
4:30 PM
When Ladonna befriends a new member of the Mighty Mountain soccer team, Francine becomes convinced she is leaking top secret team info. --- The City Council has voted to close the Elwood City Library! Can Sue Ellen save the library before it's too late?
4:58 PM
Science Max: Experiments at Large
Phil tries to make the strongest electromagnet he can. Plus: playing with ferro-fluid. Wizards! And Phil tries to make it to the North Pole using a compass.
5:21 PM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts arrive in Madagascar for the first time - touching down in the southern region known as the spiny desert - where they discover a group of sifaka lemurs. Soon, they are learning about these lemurs amazing vertical clinging and leaping abilities.
5:49 PM
Dino Dan
Trek goes fishing with Grandma and discovers a baby Spinosaurus taking his fish! Trek realizes its Mom isn't around so he teaches the Spinosaurus to catch its own fish.
6:01 PM
We're jumping into the deep end as Kayne races a Whale Shark in a 100-metre splash dash!
6:30 PM
After TJ tells Becky all about his new friend Victor, she has a sneaking suspicion that he's related to the boastful Victoria Best. Turns out she's right and now both Bests are spending the day at the Botsfords. As Becky tries to get along with Victoria, Victor makes a devious plan to not only best his sister, but to take away WordGirl's superpowers! Can WordGirl find a way to stop the bragging Bests and get back her powers? Vocabulary Words: Ancient, Twist --- When someone starts stealing every piece of art in the city, Becky sees just another crime - but Violet sees a downright awful tragedy. Although Becky has a hard time putting the importance of art into words, she's determined to catch this thief and put the art back where it belongs. Can she catch the villain in the act, or will all the creativity be sucked out of the city? Vocabulary Words: Evasive, Linger

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