6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
Camp Ella: Ella discovers Tiki has never, EVER been camping, so she turns her backyard into ,Camp Ella, for a sleepover. When Frankie, Tiki and Belinda arrive, they're amazed to see Ella's backyard transformed into a campsite with a real tent and everything. Frankie and Belinda act brave and try to convince Tiki there's nothing to fear, but when night falls, everyone gets scared by sounds and sights of the great outdoors.
6:15 AM
A rubber duck has been found on a beach... with Fico's name on it! Fico gasps, he lost it on a trip to Iceland last year! But how did Fico's duck travel so far? Curious, the Team fly off to recover the duck. Then they hear about more of his ducks turning up in far away places. Fico is excited, maybe someone somewhere has found 'Flapsy', his most beloved duck of all! The trail leads to an Oceanography Research Ship, where they learn that Fico's ducks have been helping scientists map and measure ocean currents! Hmm. Could those currents help the Team find Flapsy? --- When Oto builds a tunnel-boring machine, Doki suggests they try to find out if what his grandma used to say is true: can we really dig to China? The boys hop into the machine, and set off on a journey to drill right into the earth's crust, while the girls playfully race them to Beijing, China in the plane. Arriving early, the girls try making a giant fortune cookie - and accidentally trap Mundi inside one! Meanwhile, the boys' overconfidence gets them trapped too, deep inside the Earth, where it's far hotter than they ever expected.
6:37 AM
Hi Opie!
Opie loves the brand new dinosaur game...but maybe he loves it a little bit too much.
6:45 AM
Tee & Mo
Mo is trying to have a gardening day but Tee wants to hunt for treasure!
6:52 AM
Zerby Derby
It's busy at Zerby Town Airport, with Dotty the Drone, Flynn the Plane and Chase the Helicopter all flying around at the same time. After a few near-crashes they call Zack to help them figure out how to keep the airport traffic organized.
6:59 AM
Odd Squad
When an Odd Squad gadget falls into the hands of Odd Todd, it's ultimately up to Oscar to get it back.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway's big plans for Chicken day are nearly spoiled when the Chicken of Honor, Chickaletta, mysteriously disappears. It's up to Paw Patrol to find Chicklatta and save the clucking festivities.
7:27 AM
Emari loves to jump on the trampoline.
7:29 AM
Wild Kratts
Aboard Aviva's newly designed Deep Sea Explorer, the Wild Kratts team ventures to the last creature frontier -the Deep Sea. The challenges of the deep are many, and when ultimately they are forced to make a decision, the Wild Kratts must decide what is truly important.
7:57 AM
Attention Lakewood Elementary! There's a new sheriff-er, hallway monitor-in town, and his name is George Lundgren. --- Ladonna Compson is friendly, funny, and full of personality. Everyone likes her! At least, that's what she thought...
8:23 AM
Raven's Quest
Papatsie is an Inuk girl who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She's 9 years old. Papatsie's English name is Keely, but she likes to be called Papatsie, which means "great provider". It's a name she inherited from her Grandfather, who once saved his Northern village from hunger by bringing back seals to feed everyone. Papatsie's room is filled with paintings by her father - he's an artist. Papatsie likes to draw and make art projects too! She plays the ukulele, and shows us one of her favourite photos of a trip she took to Niagara Falls with her family. Her best friend is Kendal, and when they aren't doing arts and crafts or playing in the park together, they throat sing. Papatsie explains that throat singing is a friendly competition, usually between two women. You win when you make the other person laugh. At the Museum, Papatsie and Kendal show us the Inuit exhibit. One of Papatsie's favourite places is the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre where she and Kendall go after school. They play traditional games and learn about their culture. Papatsie and Kendall have a throat singing competition, and Papatsie wins!
8:30 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Splash and Bubbles stop to visit Tidy for the day, but find him exhausted from constantly cleaning up behind the new kelp forest resident, Tyke, a young female Pacific harbor seal pup. Splash and Bubbles try to help Tidy by seal-sitting the young seal pup, and quickly learn how hard it is to keep track of their curious and fearless new mammal friend.
8:43 AM
Space Racers
Hawk's puppet show isn't going over well with the junior cadets: the Captain Cosmos puppet doesn't look anything like him, and needs a new head. So Hawk races off at intermission to borrow a rock from Eagle's private collection - a rock that looks just like the Captain. Only Eagle's not there... and time is running out... so Hawk hastily borrows it without permission. While taking his bows after the show, he accidentally drops Eagle's rock and it breaks. What to do now? Going against Robyn's advice, Hawk resolves to replace the broken rock without telling Eagle about it. En route for the asteroid belt, he's taken aback when Eagle suddenly appears and wants to fly there with him! They finally land on Psyche, one of the largest (and more unusual) asteroids in the belt... where Hawk's awkward search ends up teaching him an ironic lesson about honesty.
8:55 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Maggie imagines what it would be like to be a teacher. She would love to help kids learn. Maggie would make her classroom the most fun by counting 'real' bunnies and taking the most amazing field trips. Maggie would teach her class all about the planets and stars by taking them on a field trip into outer space! Flying right past the moon!
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Rubble pretends to be his hero, Apollo the Super Pup, who ,Save's the day his own way!,. When he tries to save a train from a rockslide all by himself though, he gets into super trouble and trapped in a tunnel. The PAW Patrol have to save Rubble and the train! --- When Ryder's Robot Pup breaks and starts going wild around Adventure Bay, it takes the whole Paw Patrol to help Ryder find it.
9:24 AM
Molly's house has a new tenant-a bird! Working together, the Pod Squad designs the ultimate home for their new friend, but soon realize that maybe a 'Doozer' house isn't what the bird had in mind.
9:36 AM
A boy imagines his castle is the tallest in the universe. From his tower, he searches for alien life. When he spots it, he flies in his rocket ship to explore and capture a photo of the alien and its habitat. Did you know that there are many different types of satellites that take pictures and gather information for researchers and scientists?
9:39 AM
Rob the Robot
Rob and Ema are eager to show off their aviation knowledge on the Aviation Planet, but end up taking off in an unexpected direction .
9:51 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave learn how to speak monkey language. Bobby the Monkey teaches them his words for 'follow me', 'coconut', 'food' and 'goodbye', and at the end of a fun day they discover 'Bibble Bink' means 'new friend'. They've been on A New Friend Adventure all along!
10:03 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy decides to bring her special feather to show-and-tell at the school. Better hold on to it tight, Miffy, it's a very windy day!
10:10 AM
Tee & Mo
Tee insists on wearing his favourite Action Ape outfit all afternoon, no matter what games he's playing. But then when the outfit gets mucky, Tee is heartbroken. This is a job for Action Mo!
10:17 AM
Bing and Pando experiment with Bing's toy train on the Fun Fort in the playground. The train is good at going over bridges and brilliant at going down the slide. But when Bing slides it off the roof of the play house, the train crashes and breaks. Bing is upset until he realises that the pieces fit together to make something completely different
10:24 AM
Are You Ready?
Watch our friend feed her pet all by herself.
10:26 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Nonna's pipes need repairing and Salty, being a loyal brother, pledges to fix them for her. Salty's plumbing skills, however, are not up to much and things are soon erupting in a cartastrophic way. Stubborn Salty finally relents and lets Hatsie, a real plumbing expert, fix the problem!
10:34 AM
Elzee arrives in Zou's garden with a ,mystery box,. Before she can explain what's in it, her Mum calls her home. Elzee asks Zou and Zak not to open it, but in trying to discover what's inside they manage to tear it a little. Grandpa fixes it - and when Elzee returns she shows them what is inside - a collection of glow worms.
10:45 AM
Uncle Zavier's car breaks down outside Zou's house. Watching Grandpa and Dad repair the car gives Zou an idea. He's going to be a repairman. He repairs lots of things around the house but he needs Grandpa's help. Grandpa explains to Zou that repairmen need to work as a team sometimes!
10:57 AM
Hi Opie!
When Opie starts sneezing in class, he's worried that he might have to go home and miss show and tell.
11:07 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack, Lily and Rex are putting on a play in costumes for the rest of Zerby Town. But during the show, Zack's costume doesn't work like they rehearsed. They'll need to keep the show going by learning to improvise. --- Rex's collection of pinecones is big enough to climb. If only Zack and Rex can figure out a way to get the pinecones to stay in a pile and not come apart when they try to climb up. --- Dotty, Zack and Sandy attempt to fill a mysterious hole in the middle of the runway at Zerby Town Airport before Flynn the Plane falls into it when he lands.
11:28 AM
I'm a Fish
The Cookie Cutter Shark will eat anything and he has light emitting organs to look like smaller fish to lure any prospective fish so he can feast on them.
11:30 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo ride a bucking T-Rex in a make believe prehistoric land and wonder, "What happened to the dinosaurs?" They visit paleontologist Dr. David Evans at the Royal Ontario Museum to see dinosaur skeletons and learn why they became extinct.
11:37 AM
Doggy Day School
Lili 'borrows' Lucas's favourite toy, his super bouncy ball, and promises herself she'll put it back in his cubby before he arrives at daycare. While she's playing with it, however, the ball ends up lost. When Lucas finally arrives, Lili, wracked with guilt, is in a panic to try and find the ball and put it back before Lucas knows it's missing, while, at the same time, amusingly trying to distract Lucas every time she thinks he wants to play with his ball. Gradually, getting more and more tired-it's tough to keep pace with Lucas-she admits that she took his ball without asking.
11:48 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bob wants to plant a sign on the top of Mount Robo-Bob, so they set off in grippy shoes to climb it. They meet Ranger Bevel, who tells them about the abominable snow monsters and says he'll guide them up the mountain safely. At the summit Bob plants his sign but then the snow monsters appear, causing Ranger Bevel to slip and slide down the mountain uncontrollably. Bitz sees Bob's sign and they all leap on it to give chase but they can't stop and overtake Bevel - if only it had a brake!
11:59 AM
You Can Do It Too
We're exploring friction as our friends find the best surface for duck racing. Let's see what surfaces slow toys down and what speeds them up - You can do it too!
12:04 PM
Paw Patrol
Alex is afraid to go to the dentist, so Chase and the PAW Patrol work together to show Alex that fears can be overcome.
12:16 PM
The Floogals work out that they are leaving their own teeny footprints in the dust of the shelves in the house! Working out that the duster can fix it, Fleeker clamps it to his fizzer for a high speed whizz about the house to dust and remove evidence of their existence. Boy Hooman gets the praise for a nice shiney house, chores done and 'dusted'!
12:27 PM
Olympia answers an age-old question with a song.
12:30 PM
Dinosaur Train
Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don go river rafting for the first time at Nature Adventure's Tracking Camp. Their old pal Jess Hesperornis meets up with them and they all learn about erosion and the importance of rivers, before finishing up their adventure by cruising through some rapids! --- For their second outing at Nature Trackers Adventure Camp, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don and other friends learn about the tree line as they set out to hike up a mountain. Shiny is determined to get to the top of mountain forest. Buddy wonders if they'll be able to see anything from the mountaintop, through the tall trees. The kids are amazed that the higher they hike, the shorter trees and bushes get! Then they reach the tree line -- a certain point on the mountain, where trees are really small because they don't have enough air to breathe and the temperature is too cold. In the end, Shiny and all the kids use teamwork to all reach the mountaintop together!
12:56 PM
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and mistake the word BANNED for BAND.
1:00 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave take Buddy Bug home to the jungle. They search everywhere for bugs who look just like Buddy so they can reunite him with his family.
1:11 PM
Mr. Moon
Mr Moon and friends show Sigma how to find things so that he can play with them.
1:24 PM
Bing and Sula are having so much fun playing together they don't want to say goodbye when Amma arrives to pick Sula up. To delay her departure Bing hides Sula's sparkly shoe in the toilet and it gets soaking wet much to Sula's annoyance. It looks as though Sula will have to hop home until Bing finds a way to turn the bad-bye back into a good-bye again.
1:31 PM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie and Frank (and Frank's left thumb) all know how important it is to get up and exercise!
1:34 PM
After his piano lesson with Nanna, Zou discovers that other members of his family have musical talents too. He tries out Grandpa's old trombone, Dad's guitar and Mum's tambourine. He likes them all but can't decide which one is his favourite - so he decides to play them all at once.
1:46 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
When Teacher announces a special Sports Day, the children aren't sure they're up to it. But Miffy finds a way of turning it into a fun game they can all enjoy.
1:53 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a friendly Violin in the foyer of a concert hall. All the instruments are excited for the big show but the conductor is nowhere to be found. Henry becomes a conductor and helps them put on a big orchestral performance!
1:58 PM
An adventurous boy dreams of flying his spaceship through an asteroid belt in a race against his friends. After winning the race, the boy shares his special trick; he flew threw the asteroid belt to save time. Did you know that asteroids are made up of rocks and different types of metals and minerals? Also, an asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter.
2:01 PM
Yeti Tales
Nina and Leon are having a tea party on the mezzanine. Yetili comes along and joins them for a cup of tea before reading their story.
2:08 PM
Rob the Robot
While visiting the Jogging Planet, the crew learns that racing to be first does not always result in a fun time.
2:20 PM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Axle design a race course that goes right through the middle of Zerby Town. They plan an oval-shaped course, then a circle course and finally combine them into a 'figure 8' course.
2:28 PM
Are You Ready?
Our friend washes the dishes all my herself.
2:31 PM
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo visit a Pioneer Village where tour guide Blythe shows what life was like for Canada's early settlers, while Gavin takes the reins of a horse-drawn covered wagon.
2:38 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker uses tissue paper to print with, makes a jazzy pot in a minute and shows you how to make fantastic fake ice cream. Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's' make an enormous octopus.
2:57 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty teaches Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave how to do magic tricks. Their magic show is a triumph, as Dave makes a banana disappear, Tweet moves a pencil without touching it and Ruff-Ruff makes frogs magically appear from Hatty's hat!
3:09 PM
16 Hudson
When Lili tries to help Bayani by making a fabulous kid-friendly macaron for his bakery, a disaster turns into an opportunity once they see the others' point of view.
3:19 PM
Paw Patrol
A huge monkey follows the Paw Patrol home, because it wants Rocky to scratch its back. --- When one of Humdinger's kittens finds herself in the cross hairs of a protective mother eagle, the Paw Patrol must leap into action to save her. Skye must conquer her fear of eagles to lead the high stakes, high altitude rescue mission.
3:43 PM
Ollie & Moon
When Ollie and Moon go to Canada to get special maple syrup for their special pancakes, they discover that being generous has some delicious rewards.
3:56 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo learns that a brain is kind of like a computer, which can store lots of different thoughts that make him feel and remember all kinds of things, good and bad. Lily and Felix help Hugo figure out how memory works.
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
Olive goes undercover in a high-stakes Rock, Paper, Scissors game to win back secret Odd Squad documents.
4:30 PM
Arthur Seasons 16, 17
It's the Elwood City dog show and Killer is facing off against Sebastian Winkleplotz, the snooty, championship-winning poodle. At stake: the Read family's honour. Can Killer's coach, Pal, transform her from combative canine to sophisticated show dog? --- Arthur agrees to watch Amigo while Alberto's off at camp. At first Pal is thrilled to have the company! (He even teaches Amigo his coveted table begging secrets!) But when Arthur appears to favor Amigo during a game of catch, Pal begins to worry that he's lost his place as top dog...
4:58 PM
Creature Mania
Today on Creature Mania, we've got ant licking anteaters and bone crushing crocodiles, we reveal what gives camels the hump and get close to some weird looking frogs. We meet Miles and his dog DJ in Dog Tricks, and Hanna and her Rabbit in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs and check out some super cute honey possums.
5:24 PM
Wild Kratts
After Aviva successfully sneaks up on and surprises the creature adventuring Kratt Brothers, they worry that they've somehow lost their signature 'creature sense'. Chris and Martin go off in search of the stealthiest, most powerful wildcat in the world - the tiger - on a quest to prove to themselves that they're still in tune with the creature world.
5:52 PM
Dino Dana
When Dana sees a T. Rex doing a dance, she just knows she has to get to the bottom of the dinosaur's weird behavior. Fortunately, her upstairs neighbor, and he might just have the answers Dana seeks.
6:04 PM
Big Top Academy
After receiving the same spirit animal as his father, Nicholas feels pressure to live up to his legacy, while April gets in trouble when she tries to swap her spirit animal and Ella's told she can't reuse a Piccolo routine.
6:30 PM
Science Max: Experiments at Large 3
How do you max out an egg drop? With pumpkins, of course! Material science is the focus of this episode - nitinol, ulexite, carbon nanotubes, hagfish slime, aerogel and a great deal of squashed pumpkins.