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Mister Maker

Join Mister Maker, Scrappz and Tocky for another adventure meeting lots of friends all around the world.

6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
A famous filmmaker arrives on Elephant Islands and Ella becomes an accidental film star.
6:15 AM
Hi Opie!
Opie has a new game he wants to play, but Sahnya wants to play by herself.
6:23 AM
Zerby Derby
While exploring Zerby Town Forest, Zack and Rex come across a puddle. But they can't explore the other side of the puddle because it gets too deep for Zack. They try to come up with solutions to make the puddle shallower so Zack can cross to the other side. They try using a large piece of bark, but when Zack gets on top of it, the bark starts to float Zack around. Rex tries to add more dirt to the bottom of the puddle, but the dirt just ends up mixing with the water and going away. Finally they decide to use gravel, which doesn't mix with the water and stays put on the bottom of the puddle. Zack gets across and he and Rex decide to fix all the other deep puddles too!
6:30 AM
Now You Know
When Baboo catches a cold, Howie and Baboo visit Dr. Dina at a pediatric clinic and they learn about viruses and bacteria and why it's always good to wash your hands.
6:40 AM
Doki figures that to be a knight, all you had to do was joust. Gabi thinks there was more to it than that - but what did you have to do, to become a knight? To find out, they head to medieval festival in Tewkesbury, England! When they arrive, the King of the Festival isn't so sure they're ready to be noble knights - so he assigns them a story-quest to test their worth. As Doki, Oto and Gabi complete the challenges, Doki is slow to catch on to the idea that being a knight is about more than winning battles. But when a jousting contest goes wrong and Doki throws his own victory away to help Gabi, he finally discovers the true meaning of 'chivalry' - behaving with knightly honour. --- When Oto shows Anabella a Chinese coin, she yearns to get her own 'coin with a hole in it', and wear it on a necklace. Doki is curious - why DO some coins have holes in them? To help Anabella get a similar coin, they fly to Yap, Micronesia, where they know the coins also have holes. But to get one of the valuable 'rai', they have to make and trade a handmade canoe! Once the exchange is finally made, the Team learns there's been a BIG misunderstanding - rai are giant stone discs that Anabella could never wear on a necklace! But Chinese coins and Rai stones have one thing in common - their holes make them easier to transport.
7:01 AM
Odd Squad
When Olympia finds out Dr. O is leaving, she struggles to throw the best goodbye party ever.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
Daring Danny X's decides to go kite-surfing on an extra windy day. His harness comes loose and Danny goes on wild ride through the clouds and nearly up into space. Time to call in the Air Patroller.
7:30 AM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts arrive in Madagascar for the first time - touching down in the southern region known as the spiny desert - where they discover a group of sifaka lemurs. Soon, they are learning about these lemurs amazing vertical clinging and leaping abilities.
7:56 AM
There is a virus spreading through Lakewood Elementary! It changes the way everyone acts and how they treat each's the new nicknames! Can Brain stop the virus he created or will everyone be mean to each other forever? --- The playground has been quiet lately - too quiet - and the Tough Customers don't like it one bit. All the rest of the kids seem more interested in electronics than in good old fashioned fun! Can the TCs save the playground or is everyone done playing for good?
8:22 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit animal expert Matt at a zoo and get up close and personal with a skunk, where they learn how skunks protect themselves from predators.
8:30 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Splash, Dunk and Bubbles try to help a fish that they've never seen before find out who it is and where its home is. --- When Splash joins Bubbles, Dunk, and Ripple for a sleepover in the Sandy Bed, they discover that Splash doesn't sleep much; after unsuccessfully trying to help him, they learn that "schooling fish" don't need as much sleep.
8:56 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Marlee imagines what it would be like to be a hair stylist. She would have her own hair salon where she could style all her friends' hair. She would create amazing hairstyles, like long hair extensions to the floor or hair buns up to the sky. Marlee would even make her brother look like a rock star by giving him a Mohawk! Cool!
9:02 AM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Goodway comes to visit Carlos and Tracker, she brings them a plant that grows so quickly in the rich jungle soil that it lifts the Mayor and Chickaletta high, high, high off the ground. It's up to Ryder and the pups to rescue the Mayor and her chicken from the Giant plant, then move the hungry plant to a more suitable spot. --- Metal mayhem ensues when Marshall's Fire Truck becomes mysteriously magnetized. But when Chickaletta and her new friend fall down Farmer Yumi's well, Marshall's magnetism comes to the rescue!
9:27 AM
The Pod Squad is excited when Professor Gimbal gives them a Doozermahoozit, a strange-looking invention, and tells them he'd like them to fix it. The problem is, they have no idea what it's meant to do! ! It's nothing and it's everything - it can be used in a hundred ways and rebuilt a hundred times.
9:39 AM
Rob the Robot
It's been raining in space for days and the crew of Rob's rocket are feeling down in the dumps. They decide they need a change of scenery and set off on a new mission to the Weather Planet where they hope to find just the right climate to build sand castles. However it seems no matter where they go on the Weather Planet, it's either too hot or too cold or too wet or too dry. Ultimately, after learning a lot about weather and climates, their perseverance pays off and it's Mission Accomplished.
9:51 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave help Larry the Leopard find his way to the play park, and safely home again, by making him a map. They draw all the roads and pathways Larry needs to follow, adding signs and landmarks en route to remind him which way to go. When they arrive at the play park they have fun riding on their favourite ride, the merry-go-round!
10:03 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
When Dan's new toy goes missing, Miffy helps him hunt for it. Grunty 'just happens' to have found an incredibly similar toy... She doesn't want to accept that it's Dan's, it MIGHT be a different one! It's up to Miffy to persuade her to do the right thing.
10:10 AM
Wibbly Pig
Wibbly and his friends, the big brown Bear and the little green Dragon, are meeting up to have a picnic...They all bring their own favourite foods! The only problem is, what a Dragon loves to eat might not be what a Bear loves to eat! And what a Bear loves to eat might not be possible for a Pig to eat! After a few false starts Wibbly finds something they all like to eat and they have a very happy picnic after all!
10:21 AM
GBB: Jolly Reader
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode O'Spelly tries to figure out why people will not do what she asks. Concentration on the meaning of ,NO, NOW, and PLEASE, and also teaches us about manners.
10:25 AM
Bing and Sula go to the park to feed the ducks. Sula is very good at standing quietly and giving the ducks just the right amount of food. Bing throws all his duck food into the water in one go and gets more than he bargained for when a big flappy goose comes to gobble it all up
10:32 AM
Thomas & Friends
ALICIA BOTTI, the famous operatic singer is coming to Sodor. THOMAS was bubbling with pride that he was to collect her and take her to the Town Hall for the grand concert. Also arriving that day is a new engine and when PERCY says that he is meant to be even more fun than THOMAS, THOMAS is worried. THOMAS doesn't want CHARLIE to think he isn't fun so when CHARLIE starts racing around the island THOMAS joins in but a bumpy track causes ANNIE and CLARABEL to uncouple from THOMAS and he puffs off leaving MISS BOTTI behind. Arriving late and without MISS BOTTI SIR TOPHAM HATT is cross with THOMAS but when THOMAS finds MISS BOTTI she is having a marvellous time singing to anyone who will listen and more than ready for the concert.
10:43 AM
Thomas & Friends
While PERCY is at the Steam Works being repaired, THOMAS is excited to be given the job of doing the mail run for him. GORDON advises THOMAS to ask PERCY'S advice but THOMAS thinks he knows all about how to deliver the mail. He sets off very early in the morning, tooting his whistle loudly wherever he goes, (and in the process waking up MAVIS, CRANKY, VICTOR and KEVIN). Later the sleepy engines make mistakes and THOMAS realises his error. The next morning, having learned a few lessons from PERCY, THOMAS does the mail run again, this time very quietly.
10:54 AM
Opie's Home
Opie wants to do as many different activities as possible in one day, but a visit with Mr. Kabashio teaches him that sometimes quality can be more rewarding than quantity.
11:02 AM
Zerby Derby
When a tree grows over Lily's solar panel, the Zerbies decide that it's time to move Lily's garage to a new location. She has a spot all picked out, halfway up a steep hill. But when Rex tries to drive up while towing her garage, the hill turns out to be too steep. What's worse is that going down from the top is no better; it's so steep Rex can't stop till he ends up at the bottom again. So the Zerbies try, try again to come up with a solution. --- Zack and Bob the boat are playing a game, where Bob imitates on the water whatever Zack is doing on land. But when Zack comes to a jump Bob is stuck, he doesn't have any jumps. Rex tries to help by building a jump out of water, but water doesn't build like dirt. So the Zerbies put their hoods together to create a jump out of water. --- Zack and Lily are playing tag on the forest trails when they run into a big stick lying across the trail. They decide to put their hoods together and move it off the trail. But just pushing it forward moves it down the trail, not off. When they both push from the same end, the stick just spins in a circle, and still doesn't get off the trail. So the Zerbies try, try again to come up with a solution.
11:23 AM
Lejo conducts a string quartet. After a false start Lejo is getting a bit over enthusiastic.
11:25 AM
Now You Know
Relic hunter Howie and his trusty sidekick Baboo are in a stone temple trying to find a secret entrance. Howie gets stuck in a spider web, and back to reality in the attic, they wonder, ,How do spiders make webs?, They visit spider expert Rosie at Reptilia Zoo, who shows them a tarantula making a web up close, and they learn about different types of spiders and how webs help them catch food.
11:33 AM
Doggy Day School
Bubu, a little puppy sneaks into to the daycare when his owner is next door at the pet shop. At first, all the dogs are thrilled with him. He's so cute and active and interested in everything. But soon Bubu, who can't speak yet, causes trouble. He doesn't wait his turn, or put toys back, or leave Pedro's biscuits alone. The others realise that Bubu doesn't know the rules at daycare yet and they decide to teach him. He's a quick learner and when Rosie and his owner finally track him down, Bubu shows them how much he's learned. Rosie says that he is certainly getting ready for daycare and that he can drop in again any time.
11:44 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
When Lily finds a small piece of pipe on the beach, she imagines it to be a telescope. When Salty tells her about the Starfish Constellation, Lily becomes determined to see it for herself. She tries her best to get as close to the sky as she can, but soon realises that seeing stars requires a different approach!
11:51 AM
Splash and Bubbles
Bubbles, feeling self-conscious about a healing blemish on her face, meets Myshell, a friendly, outgoing decorator crab who has covered her shell with all kinds of shells, coral and sponges. Myshell teaches Bubbles how to feel good about herself from the inside out.
12:04 PM
Paw Patrol
Jake and Everest help Cap'n Turbot count polar bears, when the Flounder accidentally cracks a sheet of ice - setting a couple polar bear cubs out onto ice floes heading out to open water. Ryder and the pups must fly to the Arctic in the Air Patroller to rescue the lost cubs. Everest helps the Paw Patrol search and lures the frightened baby bears back to shore and their mother bear!
12:17 PM
The Floogals discover the joys of camping when they observe the Hooman kids putting up a tent and decide to copy what they do.
12:29 PM
The Pod Squad venture underground to the Doozer Tubes where they meet Doozer Dwight, the Tubes train conductor! But when their ride is cut short by an obstacle on the tracks, the Pod Squad takes on the challenge of repairing the tunnels.
12:41 PM
The Pod Squad works together to build her a custom Doo-Step Skating Dress that lets her glide across the ice in no time.
12:55 PM
Bookaneers is a literacy series that teaches decoding and deciphering techniques for pronunciation and meaning. In this episode Skaggs and Fibber learn the sound made by the letters WR together.
1:00 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave throw a big party for all their countryside and jungle friends. Invitations are sent out to tell everyone the time and place. Decorations are put up and party food prepared. DJ-Dave gets the party started with some cool music and soon everyone's having fun dancing and tucking into their favourite snacks. There's even time for Hatty's favourite party game!
1:11 PM
Mr. Moon
Sunny wants this to be the best sunset ever, so everyone finds a way to contribute to the Sunset Show--even Gold Star.
1:24 PM
It's snack time for Bing but the only banana left is too mushy to eat. Flop suggests making a smoothie with it instead. Disaster strikes when Bing's carrot accidentally gets put into the blender as well and when it gets shredded Bing is upset to discover that his carrot has changed and that he can't have it back.
1:32 PM
Lejo turns a wheel of fortune. The colour of the wheel defines which colour confetti will fall down.
1:35 PM
Thomas & Friends
THOMAS has to wear a replacement funnel while his own is being fixed. He is embarrassed about it. Then THOMAS is asked to carry some special bubble liquid for famous clown MR. BUBBLES. But when the other engines laugh at THOMAS'S funnel, THOMAS rushes by them really fast to get away, spilling all the bubble liquid. THOMAS returns to get more, and, in so doing, learns that, actually, making people laugh can be a good thing.
1:46 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
When Aunt Alice is unwell, Miffy works hard to bring her things she might like to cheer her up. When Miffy catches Alice's cold, Aunt Alice returns the favour.
1:53 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a giant observatory telescope. Telescope has just discovered a new constellation and spins around in excitement. The trouble is he didn't write down the co-ordinates! Henry becomes an Astronomer and helps Telescope track down the constellation and learns all about astronomy!
1:59 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
When Lily finds a piece of cloth, she imagines that it could be from a carnival across the way on Driftwood Bay. On the way there, the wind drops and Lily and Salty are left drifting in Old Delilah without any wind to carry them. Lily is sad about the fun she's missing, until Salty shows her just how much fun being at sea can be!
2:07 PM
Rob the Robot
The friends are getting ready to compete in an upcoming race so head to Race Planet to practice. Things get a little out of hand as Rob and Ema get caught up in a not so friendly rivalry as to who is the faster. But when the others' competing ends up cacelling each other out, it's Squeak and Orbit's slow and steady approach that makes them the winners and shows Rob and Ema that teamwork and friendship is more important than winning.
2:21 PM
Zerby Derby
Mika the Mechanic has had a busy day charging Zerbies. She uses her solar panels to charge a big battery pack, which she uses to charge any Zerby that needs it. But she needs to use the sun to charge the big battery back up again. She picks a sunny spot and falls asleep. When Zack and Rex find her, looking for a charge, Mika is in the Shade. She moves and waits again. When they return Mika is convinced that the shadow is following her. Rex and Zack look at the situation and realize there is a tree that is casting a shadow. The tree's shadow is moving because the sun is moving across the sky. They find a nice open spot and Zack and Mika wait for a charge while the fully charged Rex drives in excited circles.
2:29 PM
Hi Opie!
Opie and Amanye's space mission is stalled when they have no rocket fuel to blast off. Will their imagination blast them into space? Or will they be grounded?
2:36 PM
Mister Maker
In South Africa the Mini Makers create a huge sand castle on a beach; in Australia find out if he can make a cute cup creature in under a minute; and in Brazil a Mini Maker discovers how a plant spray can make a fabulous rain forest picture.
2:56 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty's hat gives Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave a magic Hatty-hat each to wear and then runs off to have fun in Hat Land with all the Hatty-hats from their previous adventures. For the first time ever, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave take turns in asking questions and a hat-less Hatty takes their place in the Game Time line-up! Each question takes them closer to reuniting Hatty with his favourite hat - and Hatty discovers it's much harder answering questions than asking them!
3:07 PM
Dad is singing in the shower, the mega hit song called 'outta this world' and the Floogals find it hurts their Floogalhorns. As the rest of the family start making the same sounds, the Floogals think it's contagious. Eventually, they start singing the same 'catchy' song and they realize that singing is a joyful human pursuit. In fact it's 'Outta This World!'
3:18 PM
GBB: Sandy Math: 3-D Shapes Family
Pirate Gisele is washed ashore and digs for treasure, but alas all she can find is everyday objects. This corresponds to the mathematics expectations for recognizing three dimensional figures in everyday objects, as part of the Ontario Early Learning Framework and in the all-day Kindergarten program. Pirate Gisele finds a ball.
3:21 PM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger mistakenly believes that Cap'n Turbot's new weather blimp actually changes the weather, he swipes the floating aircraft. When the Mayor tries to run away with the blimp, he, a couple kittens, and a sheep are snagged in the blimp's tether and float off. It's up to the Paw Patrol to rescue them before they crash into the Adventure Bay suspension bridge. --- When Adventure Bay goes up against Foggy Bottom in a Chili Cook-Off, Mr. Porter's batch is ruined, along with his stove! It'll take teamwork and ingenuity to cook up a brand new batch of delicious chili and keep Humdinger's Kitten Kitastrophe Crew from ruining it!
3:45 PM
Space Racers
While trying to retrieve some papers that Dodo dropped under his desk, Vulture BONKS his head - which completely reboots his sour personality. Suddenly the school board chairman exudes love and joy! Rolling brightly around campus, he compliments one and all, assists cadets in need, joins Starling and her dollies for a tea party, sings and dances and generally tries to help everyone... leaving havoc in his wake. With Vulture's sunny new disposition reaching crisis levels, Crane, Dodo and the kids resolve to somehow restore the old, familiar sourpuss. They try everything they can to anger him, but nothing works - till they finally realize that Newton's Third Law (,For every action there is an equal and opposite R 9 reaction,) is the answer: BONKING Vulture's bottom with an Orb-O orb does the trick, restoring his disagreeable personality... much to everyone's relief.
3:58 PM
What's the Big Idea?
Hugo understands it's good to be fair, so everyone can have a turn going down the slide and getting the same amount of sweets. But when Hugo gives the same size cupcakes to his huge Yeti friend and a tiny ant, the Yeti is still hungry. Is that fair?
4:03 PM
Odd Squad
Olive and Otto must stop a villain who has turned townspeople and Odd Squad agents invisible. --- Moustache Confidential - When Agent Obfusco's moustache is stolen, it's up to Olive and Otto to get it back.
4:30 PM
Business is slow for Mr. and Mrs. Read, and Arthur is concerned. Can this "super saver" find ways to keep his family in the green? --- When D.W. saves Tommy and Timmy from a nasty fall, they decide to repay the favor...whether D.W. likes it or not.
4:58 PM
Little Lunch
While Atticus' parents are away, his Ya-Ya (grandmother) looks after him and sends disgusting lunches with him to school. --- After Rory forgets his lunch and, in desperation, decides to go to the milk bar, he must convince the other kids to keep his secret from Mrs. Gonsha.
5:24 PM
Wild Kratts
While in Madagascar, the Wild Kratts hear signs of a dispute between two troops of ringtailed lemurs. So they set out to figure out just what these two lemur groups are arguing about. Science Concept: Scent As Communication. Animals use scent as a type of communication.
5:52 PM
Dino Dana
It's Fossil Day at the Royal Ontario Museum! Eager to show off her new discovery to the ROM's resident paleontologist, Dana enlists the help of Mr. Hendrickson when Saara can't take her.
6:04 PM
Kid Diners
In Kenora, ON, Xander and Aynalem are looking for the catch of the day. Aynalem heads out on the lake fishing for her lunch that she'll eat on a private island! And Xander searches for fresh dill that will help make his fish dish the tastiest he's ever had!
6:30 PM
It's the day of the Magical Magicians Convention, and the entire Botsford family is excited to go and see their favorite magician, El Mysterioso, perform live. Everyone except Becky, that is, who would much rather be at the Pretty Princess book signing across the street. But Mr. Botsford emphasizes how important it is that they spend the day as a family. In the middle of the convention, Becky's super hearing picks up the sound of Dr. Two-Brains evil cackle from across the city. What could he be up to? Something criminal, no doubt. Can Becky figure out a way to suit up as WordGirl without missing out on family time and disappointing her father? Vocabulary Words: Illusion, Influence --- TJ Botsford is mere hours away from winning the local mini golf tournament and getting his picture on Patrick Needlemeyer's Miniature Golf Super Universe Wall of Fame (which is only the biggest deal ever). When Becky catches Eileen cheating - ,I have to win because it's my birfday!, - she knows she has to stop her. She can't let TJ lose to Eileen! But what lengths will Becky go to prevent Eileen from winning? Will she go so far as to cheat herself? Vocabulary Words: Concentrate, Tournament

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