TVOKids Broadcast

Can I come for a tour?

Yes, absolutely! Join us Thursdays at 5:00 pm EST for a tour of the production studio and The Space.

  • An adult should call 1-800-613-0513 x 2292 to book your tour.
  • Maximum six people per tour, including adults

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate drop-ins or larger club and school groups.

Why does the TV schedule change?

TVOKids works to bring the very best content to kids and families. We’re often excited to introduce new shows to the broadcast lineup and sometimes we’re sad to say goodbye to other favourites. The time that a show airs is based on scheduling requirements and is adjusted using viewer feedback. Check for the airtime of all of your favourite shows in our schedule or watch online.

Where can I find the TVOKids Broadcast schedule?

Click to see our schedule.

You can also link to it from the Grownups drop-down menu. Select Grownups, Schedule.  

How can I connect with Melissa, Daniel, and Lucas?

Daniel, Melissa and Lucas love hearing from kids! Ask a question, share a story, or send a picture, suggestion, or drawing!

Send an email.

Or, send regular mail:


Attn: The Space

Box 200, Station Q

Toronto, ON


You can also see the latest news plus all the fun stuff the hosts have been up to on The Space Blog.

Will my letters, mail, and artwork be shown on TV?

The hosts love hearing from kids. They get a lot of mail from across Ontario and do their best to show as much of it on air as possible. If you don’t see something you’ve sent, don’t be discouraged. Keep sending and keep watching!

Can Melissa, Daniel or Lucas share a birthday greeting in The Space?

Melissa, Daniel, and Lucas are excited to celebrate birthdays with you!

  • Make a homemade birthday card.
  • Include the first name, age, and birth date of the birthday kid.
  • Add a special birthday message. 
  • Mail it to TVOKids at least two weeks in advance of the birthday.

Include a mailing address on the back of the card and a host will autograph and send the card back to you as a keepsake.

The TVOKids mail room closes down for winter holidays. Birthday cards for December and early January should be received by December 1.

Unfortunately, TVOKids can’t show store-bought cards on TV and can’t accept birthday greetings via fax, email, drop-off, or telephone.

Birthdays are read on air every day just before 6:55 pm EST.

Mail your cards to:


Attn: Birthdays

Box 200, Station Q

Toronto, ON


What happens if I missed my birthday greeting on air or I want to watch it again?

Find and rewatch birthday greetings on tvokids.com. Birthdays appear on tvokids.com a day or two after they have aired.

How do I call in during The Space?

TVOKids will display the phone number on air when The Space is live and taking calls.

Call 1-888-TVO-KIDS (1-888-886-5437) for a chance to talk with Melissa, Daniel, or Lucas.

We receive hundreds of phone calls every day from kids all across Ontario. We do our best to answer as many calls as possible. If you get a busy signal, try again!

Can I be a guest in The Space?

Maybe you’ve got a super-cool talent, a unique skill, a proud accomplishment, or an inspiring story to share with other TVO kids! Send details to the TVOKids team via email for consideration.

I appeared on a TVOKids Broadcast. Can I get a copy of the video?

Send us an email request with details of the appearance. We cannot accommodate each and every request, but we may be able to link to video content online or provide a copy of a segment if we have visited a school event or your child was featured in a TVOKids mini-series.

TVOKids Online

Where is my favourite game?

Search the Games section of tvokids.com for the games you already love or … find a few new favourites! From time to time, we remove games from the site. Some games are featured only on special occasions, like Canada Day or Halloween. Sometimes, we only have permission to feature games for a short period of time; other times, games get a bit rusty and need to be retired altogether.

Where is my favourite show or episode?

Search shows and episodes by name or browse the bubbles along the top of tvokids.com to find your favourites. Most of the shows airing on broadcast can also be found on tvokids.com as well as on our TVOKids and TVOKids Preschool YouTube channels.

If you can’t find one of your favourites, it may be that we only have permission to feature it for a short period of time or it’s been removed to make space for a fresh new episode or show.

Where can I find contest winners?

Thanks for entering! Once a contest has closed, visit the Contests page to check the contest winners.

How do I claim my prize if I win a contest?

If you’re a contest winner, Congratulations! TVOKids will contact parents/guardians and make arrangements to mail contest prizes.

Help Zone

What is Help Zone?

Hosted by Melissa and Counsellor Duane from Kids Help Phone, Help Zone is an on-air block of time made especially for school-age kids and the tough issues they face day to day. Kids can tune in to learn, listen, ask questions, and have their say about issues like bullying, wellness, emotions, family, school, and friendship.

When is Help Zone on air?

Help Zone is broadcast live on the last Monday of each month, September to June, from 4:00-7:00 pm EST.

You can also watch past Help Zone topics on tvokids.com.

How do I contact Help Zone?

By Phone:

TVOKids will display the phone number on air when Help Zone is live and taking calls (The last Monday of the month, from 4:00-7:00 pm EST). Call 1-888-TVO-KIDS (1-888-886-5437) for the chance to ask Melissa or Counsellor Duane a question or to voice a concern.

By Email:

We encourage kids to email their questions or comments to Melissa or Counsellor Duane. Kids’ concerns are valuable and drive the content of Help Zone, ensuring the on-air topics are addressing the real issues kids are facing.

Who is Counsellor Duane?

Counsellor Duane is a trained, professional counsellor with Kids Help Phone. He visits with TVOKids on air once a month to help kids understand, communicate, and work to find solutions to tough problems.

What if I don’t get a chance to talk with Counsellor Duane during Help Zone?

Kids Help Phone Counsellors just like Duane are available directly at kidshelpphone.ca or 1-800-668-6868.

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling, and referral service for children and youth. It is completely anonymous and confidential. Whether by phone, mobile app, or through the website, kids can connect with a counsellor whenever they want, however they want.

Tech, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions

Why am I being asked to update my browser?

The TVOKids website supports as many browsers as possible, but works best when accessed with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Learn more about updating your web browser.

Which browsers does tvokids.com support?

Currently, tvokids.com supports:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 52
  • Opera 12.1
  • Chrome 56.0
  • Safari 9

Why isn’t all tvokids.com content available on my device or computer?

If you’re using a phone or tablet to access tvokids.com, some content won’t be available. There are a few reasons for this. Some TVOKids classic games, as an example, only work on a desktop computer.

Where can I find tvokids.com’s privacy policy and terms and conditions?

Read up on the information we collect on tvokids.com in our Privacy Policy. If you want to know more about the rules that govern tvokids.com and what you agree to by browsing this website, please read our Terms and Conditions.